Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Confessions of a 36 hour blonde

So... I've been really wanting to try this whole ombre thing (because I like to jump on the fad bandwagon as it's on the way out).  I decided to wait until after Christmas so I didn't frighten my extended family (or Boyfriend-Fellow's family) and perfect for me, I got sick and was bedridden for a week after we got home. Woooo! Perfect time for experimenting with a new look as there's no one to see. Except Boyfriend-Fellow. Lucky him, he got to witness far more than the 'before' and 'after' - he got to see the horrendous 'in between'. Not just the in between where I look like I'm afraid of aliens reading my thoughts (i.e. tin foil in hair), but the in between as in, "Oh darn, I bleached half of my hair and then ran out of bleach. Guess I have to wait until tomorrow." Haha. Guess what Boyfriend-Fellow said? "Don't we have more bleach under the sink?" He wasn't joking, he's just a BOY.

Anyways, I finally got it done (it was a bit more dramatic than most ombres) and this is the finished result, all done up.

I was happy with it! Until the next day. When I woke up and saw it 'un-made' it dawned on me that this was going to be a high-maintenance hairstyle. Because when I didn't have time to do it up in curls, it looked... There's no other way to say it - trashy.
(Granted, I am sick in these photos so I did take that into consideration)

Also, I noticed that with blonde hair, my skin looked pinker (no thanks) and since my eyes are light, the blonde kinda makes them look normal (which isn't a good thing - I like how my eyes are light and that's contrasted with dark hair). Finally, I had a flashback of when I was growing up as a towhead, I kept asking my mom when my hair would turn brown like hers. I couldn't wait. So I decided I'm a better brunette and dyed it all back

Dying hair 'back' after ombre is a tricky thing. If you just slop on whatever color you want, it'll soak into the more damaged parts (the ends) more than your roots and you'll end up with a reverse ombre! I had to use two different shades on the top and bottom and despite that, I ended up with some highlights coming through. But I actually like them. 


  1. I'm glad you were able to bounce back from the traumatic ombre experience! I like you better as a brunette anyway. :)

  2. I like ombre hair in unnatural colors -- like a blond fading to pink, or a brown to purple -- but I agree with Char, I like you as a brunette. =)

  3. Haha, I'd never dyed my hair before, and a couple years ago decided to put a streak of blue in it, just for fun. I liked it for a couple weeks, then it began fading to a sickly green and I thought, "What? I pay attention to hair maintenance about every 6 months. No wonder I never ventured to dye it." I had a salon bleach and re-dye the streak to match the rest of my hair, which also faded, but ended up looking like a cool highlight.
    Conclusion: thank goodness I like my hair color. Glad you like yours, too!


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