Monday, January 27, 2014

Before it was cool

Speaking of ombre (see [this post]), my mom totally rocked it in here day...

But hers was natural - since she was a swimmer and also outdoors a lot, her hair would get bleached in the summer and then the bleached ends would grow out.

So pretty!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The flow of B.O.

Our community has a gym but it's actually one of the houses in the community that's been turned into a gym.  And when I say, 'turned into a gym', don't go imagining that they're renovated it or anything... They just took out the furniture and stuck in some equipment. For cardio there are two treadmills and one elliptical machine in what clearly used to be a bedroom. Though it's weird, at least its normally empty so I have the place to myself.

This morning I arrived and started using the one elliptical machine. Let's say this is me... haha

10 minutes later, another fellow arrived and took the treadmill that was directly to the side of me.  Let's say this was him...

I turned on the big fan that I had already pre-aimed at myself in order to both cool down and send the smell of my sweat elsewhere. Like so...

10 minutes later, another fellow arrived and took the treadmill that was facing me (so we're now essentially running at each other) like so...

That's already awkward but now remember that I had aimed the fan at myself so this is the flow of B.O.

I decided I had worked out enough for the day.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Confessions of a 36 hour blonde

So... I've been really wanting to try this whole ombre thing (because I like to jump on the fad bandwagon as it's on the way out).  I decided to wait until after Christmas so I didn't frighten my extended family (or Boyfriend-Fellow's family) and perfect for me, I got sick and was bedridden for a week after we got home. Woooo! Perfect time for experimenting with a new look as there's no one to see. Except Boyfriend-Fellow. Lucky him, he got to witness far more than the 'before' and 'after' - he got to see the horrendous 'in between'. Not just the in between where I look like I'm afraid of aliens reading my thoughts (i.e. tin foil in hair), but the in between as in, "Oh darn, I bleached half of my hair and then ran out of bleach. Guess I have to wait until tomorrow." Haha. Guess what Boyfriend-Fellow said? "Don't we have more bleach under the sink?" He wasn't joking, he's just a BOY.

Anyways, I finally got it done (it was a bit more dramatic than most ombres) and this is the finished result, all done up.

I was happy with it! Until the next day. When I woke up and saw it 'un-made' it dawned on me that this was going to be a high-maintenance hairstyle. Because when I didn't have time to do it up in curls, it looked... There's no other way to say it - trashy.
(Granted, I am sick in these photos so I did take that into consideration)

Also, I noticed that with blonde hair, my skin looked pinker (no thanks) and since my eyes are light, the blonde kinda makes them look normal (which isn't a good thing - I like how my eyes are light and that's contrasted with dark hair). Finally, I had a flashback of when I was growing up as a towhead, I kept asking my mom when my hair would turn brown like hers. I couldn't wait. So I decided I'm a better brunette and dyed it all back

Dying hair 'back' after ombre is a tricky thing. If you just slop on whatever color you want, it'll soak into the more damaged parts (the ends) more than your roots and you'll end up with a reverse ombre! I had to use two different shades on the top and bottom and despite that, I ended up with some highlights coming through. But I actually like them.