Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My job is weird

The other day, I dressed up like I worked at a winery like so....

And started photographing a wine bottle and glasses like they were for a promotional shots...

So that I had a cover for why I was sitting outside taking pictures so that I was in place to capture a SURPRISE PROPOSAL! (The boyfriend/fiance hired me)

She said yes :)

Later that day, I was having boyfriend spot check my newborn blankets for, um, bodily excretions and when he pointed a particular spot out I said, "Oh, that's just umbilical cord blood." His face reminded me of what a weird job I have.


  1. Weird and super cool! I often look at the pictures you post on facebook and wish you lived closer so you could take pics of my family.


    When Arlo was having his newborn photos done (in our living room), he was naked. I was holding him while the photographer was setting up the next shot. All of a sudden, Arlo sharted. EVERYWHERE. All over the carpet, my arm, the blankets, all the photo props... luckily the photographer had picked up her camera just seconds before to do a test shot. :)


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