Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Fashion Week - Day 2 - Fall, Schmall. I wear what I want.

Ah! You guys! I LOVE Fashion week! Everyone has such a different style and I love them all! And just as inspiring as the outfits are the kind words that everyone is sharing so freely.

Without further ado... Onto day 2 (my rhyme for the day)

I call this my yes-it's-a-spring-dress-but-i'll-make-it-fall-ish-by-wearing-a-jacket-and-boots.

dress - kohls (i think). straps sewn on by me
boots - hand me downs from lil' sis (same as yesterday)
jacket - bunny's in santa cruz, ca

Wow.. I just realized that's almost word-for-word of yesterday's outfit description)

Obligatory hand-in-the-hair-shot cuz I don't leave you hangin'

Thank you guys for all the sweet comments yesterday! I loved getting inspiration from everyone else and can't wait for it to be cooler here for fall!

Now I'm just dying to see what everyone else is wearing so I'm heading over to [Deanna's blog]. You should come too!


  1. tee hee, love the hand in the hair shot. Glad I got my fix for today. ;)

    Have you noticed a change in your wardrobe/fashion choices since moving to DC? Does it feel really cold yet to you?

  2. That is an awesome blazer! And every time I see your hair, it makes me want to chop all of mine off. It's so cute!

  3. Your poses are always so fun! Love the outfit :)

  4. i love that you sew your own straps on! i just can't do strapless dresses, i think they give me a weird "roll" where my armpits are. your blazer is amazing. and as always, your have mad skillzzz with your poses.

  5. so cute and I love the fun bright colors! I would totally wear this.

  6. That jacket is great, and so are those boots! I love your "action" shots! I think you've inspired me to try different poses.

  7. You always have the cutest dresses! This inspires me to look into the back of my closet to see what dresses I've neglected and brainstorm fun ways to accessorize them to make them fun again.

  8. You, you are adorable. I think "cute flirty dress with boots and w/wo jacket or cardigan" is canon Rachael for me, no matter the season. You do it so well, it's Your Look.

    Also, wow, are the littles going to be super-tall also, if you're already getting hand-me-down shoes from them?!?


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