Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Fashion Week 2013 - Day 7 - Finale

Wah wahhhh... Fall Fashion Week 2013 ends today.

A HUUUGE thank you again to our fabulous host [Deanna]! We wouldn't have had fashion week without her and she has got such an inspiring, fabulous style!

Yesterday was full of inspiration for me - from [Jessica's] whole series of outfits, [Carolynn's] dress refashion to [Samantha's] flannel... I love it! And [Melinda] is just a doll.

I went with my signature wear-something-inappropriate-for-the-season style for my last day...
dress - gift from Boyfriend-Fellow's grandma
shoes - payless
jacket - bunny's in santa cruz, ca

Crazzyyy eyes time :)

Thank you for all of the kind words over the past week. Fashion week is so great for just re-reminding me how many awesome and supportive people there are out there. In a world of ridiculous YouTube comments and people tearing each other down on Twitter, seeing a supportive community online is just refreshing.

If you haven't already, go check out everyone else's finale outfits [here]!

Until next time....


  1. I love the bright pink, and as usual your pictures are so fun!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I really appreciate your kind words :)

  2. You are totally right about how refreshing it has been to share in all of this support and love for one another!

    As always, you look lovely and your poses are amazing! I love versatile dresses like yours, that you can easily dress up or dress down.

  3. I. Have. No. Words. It's perfect: pink and floral print and awesome!!! Kudos to you on this whole week of fun, funky and cute outfits!

  4. you and joanna can pull off florals without looking five years old. i could never do that. thanks so much for linking up this week. your pictures always make me so happy. and who knows, you might win the giftcard the third time in a row. hah!

  5. Seriously, your pictures are just the best.

    also, you can thank FFW for your newest follower, I love your blog! :D

  6. I totally agree with Deanna, you pull off floral so well! When I put it on I look 80 or 5. It's strange!

  7. Chucks + a dress = ALWAYS a win!

    Thanks for participating again. I love you!

  8. Lovely, lively pics! I adore that pink dress, too!!! Hugs, T.


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