Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1 - The Launch

That's right! It's officially FALL FASHION WEEK 2013!!! Wooo!

First off, thanks to Deanna for hosting this amazingness and secondly, JOIN IN! It's so fun and you wont regret it... You basically feel great cuz you actually took time to get dressed up and then you feel great x 2 because all the other participants are so nice!

Today's post is brought to you by the letters SelfTimer and Privacy

dress - thrifted (straps sewn on by yours truly)
boots - hand me downs from my 13 year old sister (yes. you read that right)
sweater - bunny's in santa cruz, ca

this was me realizing that the camera somehow only 
focused on me (and thus, took a picture) when my arms were raised

Now head on over to Deanna's and check out the other awesome ladies (and maybe gentlemen?)


  1. What a great dress and sweater! I love the colors- and you always have the best poses!!!

  2. Rachael, first off, I love your dress! It's so flattering and the black straps are a nice touch. Secondly, how did you create the pure white background in your pictures?

    1. Hay grl! Thanks for the compliments! Where's your outfit?! To answer your question.. Photoshop. I took the pictures on front of a white sheet with my fancy schmancy lighting and then edited out the background. :)

  3. What a fabulous dress. The color is great!

  4. You have THE BEST dresses. Seriously. The colors, the fits, the styles. I love your dresses!

    Also, I get hand me downs (hand me ups?) from my younger siblings all the time. Both my younger sisters have taught me much in the ways of fashion. (Isn't that supposed to be my job? oops.) I'm glad they're so generous.

  5. i always love your poses. i can be having a crappy morning and your pictures make me smile. :) i love the purple dress too. purple and red are an awesome combo together.

  6. These are like the happiest fashion-posing pictures of all time. And your dress is adorable!

  7. Wow, so much fun in that picture. So much! And your dress is adorable! I love the straps. I usually add straps to my dresses like that because if I don't I'm in total terror all day of them falling down!!

  8. Your poses always make me laugh. That first one looks like you're trying to make a not-so-sneaky getaway, spoofy spy movie style. The second is what I feel like I look like when I'm trying to get my deodorant to dry before putting on clothes. =) As ever, you're adorable, and I love seeing what you come up with!


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