Thursday, October 31, 2013

Awkward/Awesome - vol 91

Happy Halloween! 
The Halloween post is tomorrow. Today is awkward/awesome time!

Awkward: I fell down the stairs at a client's house.
Awkward x 2: I couldn't catch myself because I was holding my lighting equipment.

Awkward: A week later, while taking high school senior portrait pictures, I was hopping from rock-to-rock in a creek and fell.
Awesome: I did NOT fall into the creek (holding my camera).
Awkward: I DID fall onto a rock and ripped my jeans.

Awesome: Netflix has these neat little bundled playlists of related TED Talks.
Awesome x 2: I just watched the 'Life Hack' themed TED talks and it was super cool so when the 'You might also like this TED talk list' suggestion popped up, I automatically clicked it and then realized it was a TED Talk playlist on 'Sex, Love and Relationships.' 
Awkward: I am using Boyfriend-Fellow's mom's Netflix account so everything I watch (or start to watch) goes into the shared 'recent history'

Awesome: Usually, for simplicity's sake, Boyfriend-Fellow's mom refers to me as her daughter-in-law. So at a social event I was the photographer for the other night, someone asked how I had gotten connected with the group and I said, "My mother-in-law is [Boyfriend-Fellow's mom's name here]"
Awkward: Turns out I was talking to her second cousin who then was so freaked out that Boyfriend-Fellow had apparently gotten married without her knowing, etc and I had to explain the whole thing sounding like a ring-grubbing liar.

Awesome: I finished Book 4 of Game of Thrones 10 days ago
Awkward: That was 8 days before Book 5 came out in paperback
Awesome: I downloaded a free iPad Kindle app and then got a free-first-book download of Book 4
Awkward: It was only after I got to the end of it that I realized it wasn't a free first book download, it was an excerpt from the book and it jumped around so I just spoiled a ton of the plot for myself.

Awesome: Getting a repeat client family and having the sweet little girl remember me.
Awkward: She remembered me because I had brought her stickers before...
Awkward x 2: I hadn't brought any this time.

Awkward & Awesome: Our mailman has been arriving increasingly later and later. As of this week, he has been dropping off mail at 6pm. Great for if I'm late getting a letter ready to post but awful if I'm waiting for a package.

Awkward: Eating more candy than I've handed out.

Tell me YOUR awkward and awesome moments!

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  1. I was laughing and cringing hard core about the whole mother in law thing! That is totally the type of embarrassing situation I would find myself in.

    When you fell down the stairs, did you hurt yourself or your lighting equipment?

    As for awkward/awesome with me:
    Awesome: I won a facebook contest for pumpkins from a pumpkin patch.
    Awesome x2: While picking them up, my kids played on the tractor.
    Awkward: When another kid wanted a turn, I had to pull both my kids off kicking and screaming.
    Awkward x2: Some old lady gave me a dirty stare the whole time.
    Awesome: I didn't give the old lady a piece of my mind.


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