Thursday, September 19, 2013

Awkward//Awesome vol. 90

Awkward/Awesome time!

Awesome: We live in an age where I can rent & download a movie right onto my computer
Awkward: I can almost never sit through a whole movie and by the time I come back, my rental period has expired. DOH!

Awesome: The aisle seat on a plane.
Awkward: A sick seatmate
Awkward x 2: When the stewardess came by with the trash bag, my seatmate kept prematurely extending her hand full of trash over me towards the aisle. Normally I would take the trash from her and hold it until the stewardess arrived but not from Mrs. Germs. So on multiple occasions, her trash filled fist would thrust out mere awkward inches from my face and slowly droop in front of me like a wilting flower.

Awesome: Fitting all of my delicate camera equipment into my carry on - carefully wrapped in clothes and positioned just so. This is one bag the attendants will NOT get to man-handle.
Awkward: As the gate-keeper scanned my ticket, she said, "This is a small plane, you'll have to check that."
Awkward x 2: Trying desperately to empty my bag of all things fragile or necessary for the flight (lenses, camera, harddrive, laptop, book, wallet, phone, latte I had just purchased, lunch...) and holding said things in my measly two arms.

And... for the doozy...

Awesome: I left home just in time to not be late to a photoshoot (I normally try to leave a buffer of 15-20 minutes but I was still happy that I wasn't actually leaving late).
Awkward: The road had tolls. Unexpected tolls.
Awesome: I had a debit/credit card as well as cash. Booyah.
Awkward: I somehow ended up in the coin-only lane. You know, the one for people who are prepared for tolls and want to move quickly through this thing.

I. Panicked. I did NOT have $1.75 in coins. I had just cleaned out my car and purse of everything - spare change included. I frantically scoured the floor, the glove compartment, the cupholder. Here, a nickel... There, two quarters. I had finally made it up to $1.10 when I literally had exhausted my hidden coin supply. Now there were 10 cars behind me.  Every other lane is zipping by. The bright red stop light and the coin booth both reminded me that I had not yet paid my dues. I got out of my car, walked to the car behind me and offered the lady $5 for $1.75 in quarters. She took her time but gave the coins to me. Upon returning to my car, the machine said I owed $0. But the light was still red. I put the coins in. Nothing. No change on the machine, still a red light. Ughhhh. I am not sure what happened but I am so hoping I  will not receive some sort of ticket in the mail because contesting it would most certainly involve watching some sort of security tape of myself begging coins off of the cars behind me.

Anyways, share YOUR awkward/awesomes in the comments below! I love reading them!


  1. You always have me laughing! I hate toll booths, so I can only imagine your pain and frustration with that one. And the germs and the baggage situation, oh my!

    As for me:
    Awesome: A girls night out last night with a group of gals.
    Awkward: While drinking wine in a wine tent (we were at a food festival), a security guard made a beeline toward me and asked to see my id. I totally thought it was a joke until I realized he definitely was not joking.
    Awesome: I've still got it ;)

  2. I don't think you'll get a ticket. We've driven through those red light things plenty of times, when we didn't have change to spare. We don't try to skimp on purpose, but these things happen. Haven't gotten in trouble yet!

    Awkward: TWO 60+ year old men hitting on my friend when we were seeing a jazz band at a bar.
    Awesome: They left after one song.
    (Also Awesome: They didn't try to hit on me.)


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