Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New blog series

I haven't been blogging as much for the same reasons I've stated before… My life has very much been taken over by my work, which isn't a complaint as I LOVE what I do for a living but there's definitely far less times for cooking or crafting (a huge component of what my blog has been) and it's not appropriate to post pictures or stories of my clients on my personal blog. There are some pretty tame awkward/awesome moments in my work life that I feel like even if the client I was not mentioning by name stumbled across and recognize themselves in, they wouldn't care but there are more funny/awkward moments that wouldn't be professional to share.

But I miss blog-land… I miss reading your blogs (though I do still read many, just am not an active commenter), I miss thinking of topics to blog about and I miss taking pictures for my blog. So I'm taking two steps… The first is to just MAKE time for crafting, cooking and adventures and MAKE time for blogging about those creations, meals and fun times. The second writing more about what I know. So tomorrow I'm starting a new series about being a photographer and a small business owner… What I did, what I wish I knew and what I'm learning.

I'll cover topics like...
What do you need to do to start a photography business
How do you set your pricing
What are the best ways to advertise
And how to work with kids that don't want their photo taken, newborns that won't sleep, etc

And of course, I'd LOVE to answer any questions or cover any other topics that you'd be interested in! So let me know in the comments!

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  1. I'm happy to have you back!!!

    As for questions, I would love for you to cover what equipment (specifically lenses) you use. Though I really just document my family's life, I would like to add another lens or two to my collection.


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