Thursday, August 29, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 89

I interrupt my new small-business-owner series to bring you this week's installment of Awkward/Awesomes!

When given a chance to pose in a photobooth, 
this is what my friend and I did after about 15 photos

Awesome: One stall open in a crowded airport bathroom
Awkward: It was open, but there was an old lady in it and when I pushed the door to open it, I slammed it into her forward-leaning head.

Awesome: How GPS can take us anywhere now, without having to look down at a map or remember directions
Awkward: It still tries to take me right to the center of everything, for example, to the CENTER of the airport, not the airport parking. So I find myself in some weird back country road, circling the airport and arriving at a locked chain link fence before I realize I've followed the GPS too far.

Awesome: Seeing a movie with Boyfriend-Fellow
Awkward: Everyone else seeing my underwear after ("Excuse me miss, your dress is tucked into your underwear")

Awkward: Speaking of which, does anyone else have the same problem where whenever you sit down on an airplane, the arm rest catches your dress and exposes you for the few seconds it takes to remove it from said armrest?

Awkward: Leaving my favorite thermos in a bus stop bathroom
Awesome: Realizing in time and rescuing it.
Awkward: Leaving my favorite thermos in a cafe in San Francisco
Awesome: Realizing in time and going back for it
Awkward: I lost my thermos somewhere on the flight home.

Awkward: A baby crying on your flight
Awkward x 2: A baby crying on your flight that's barely talking but can say, "I gotta get out of here!" over and over.

Awkward: Putting the wrong contact in the wrong eye and having no time to fix it before heading to the airport.

Awesome: The public transportation in San Francisco that allows you to get anywhere without a car....
Awkward: ... As long as you're okay standing next to human feces or sitting next to a puddle of urine.

Lastly, I'm going to start documenting our pub trivia team name here every week. We always try to incorporate top news stories - like this week we were, "Miley's laid it on too Thicke".

Previous ones that I've come up with...
When Mexico surpassed America in largest human beings, we were "Mexicobesity"
When the actor from Glee passed away, we were "Rest in Gleece"
When Snowden first started hiding out in Russia, we were "Don't bother Russian, we're Snowden"
And we had a good one for Carlos Danger but I'm going to refrain from putting it here ;)

Share your awkward/awesomes with me in the comments below!


  1. i once had a gps system almost lead us off a cliff....we called her basic instinct gps.

  2. LOVE the pub trivia names! I used to play with coworkers and our name was "Team Redundancy Team". Keep 'em coming!


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