Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stand by me

We're in full-on wedding season right now, both friend-wise and work-wise. Most of the friends getting married are Boyfriend-Fellow's which means I've had a fabulous time meeting his college buddies for the first time and seeing his old stomping grounds. But it's got me thinking... Are less of my friends getting married? Or just less weddings that I am invited to because I've lost touch with people? It's got me thinking about my roots (again).

I am so grateful that we moved every 3 years growing up. It's made me more adaptable and independent, given me more stories, made the entire state of California feel like 'home' instead of one small town and made me sometimes feel like I ended up with 20x more friends. Anywhere I want to go in California, I have somewhere to stay. But the downside of moving so often is that I don't have that classic best-friend-since-second-grade-through-high-school. So I've been wondering about who I'll have standing up there with me someday (not to start rumors, I'm definitely not engaged).

Not that I don't have amazing friends... I have people I hold very dear to me but they're often the ones that I end up going a year without talking to because when you move a lot, it's hard to maintain friendships with people that require daily talks. But I kinda want that...  I don't have someone I call regularly. Like when I cut my hair on Saturday, I was wishing for a best friend to come over and say, "Do it!"

There's a part of me that feels like I'm too old to make a new best friend. Like everyone who is cool already has a best friend.

So tell me, did you meet your best friend 'later in life'?

P.S. Because what's a post without pictures, here's one of me and a childhood friend, Fifi!


  1. I didn't live in the same place either, so no best friend since second grade here. I met my best friend in college. Though we definitely are still best friends, she isn't my closest friend at the moment. Does that make sense? Also, I feel like the friends you can go a year without speaking to and pick right back up with truly are best friends. They get it, love you and want to see you/chat when you do actually have the time.

  2. hmm... that's a good question. it's causing me to pause and think about my best friends. I had - and continue to have - a wonderful set of friends from elementary/middle school. we were/are friends throughout high school and into our adult years. it's amazing to have someone who has known you for -that- long. but, my college roommate is also one of my best friends. and the teacher I've shared an office with for 2 years. so, yes, I have life-long friends, but I also met friends later in life. what's hard in your case is that your job, as well as your life, is so independent; you don't necessarily have the camaraderie of an office.


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