Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Memories From Hawaii

***I wrote this yesterday, while extremely jet-lagged, 
but waited to post it until I had a few photos to add***

Boyfriend-Fellow and I just got back from Oahu... A very momentous occasion - dear friends getting married, so many people we love all in one place and my very first destination wedding (I was their photographer). I am jet-lagged and delirious. The time difference is 6 hours and travel time is about 11 hours in the air (between two flights). So this post may be rambly but here are my thoughts/memories of trip while they're fresh...

My bed smelled exactly like celery, thus, every morning, I woke up smelling like celery myself

Hawaiian cuisine is not very vegetarian-friendly

When I'm editing photos on the plane, without fail, my seat neighbor feels it's appropriate to watch over my shoulder. I can't think of any situation where it's appropriate to look over some stranger's shoulder at their computer... They wouldn't do it if I were writing a letter, reading an email or a book. But somehow it's acceptable with photos? I don't know which makes me more uncomfortable; when they sit and stare silently for an hour or when they make comments like, "You missed a spot right there on her face."

I bought a swimsuit just for Hawaii and didn't find a chance to wear it.  Shame.

Similarly, brought Mowth for some pictures and ended up being too worried about losing him to carry him around. So there is no record he ever joined us.

Boyfriend-Fellow and I had lodging for the first 3 nights we were there but didn't figure out a place to stay on our last night until we'd already gotten to Hawaii. So unlike both of us.
This is our backyard view!

We watched Sharknado twice. Two different groups of people wanted to see it.

When I feel absolutely nauseated from lack of sleep or too much sitting on a plane, a bag of Doritos is the only comfort food that makes me feel better. Doritos on someone's breath is Boyfriend-Fellow's least favorite smell in the world.

Hawaii looks a LOT like San Diego, except for these mountains...

Dollar Express Rent-A-Car is the most misleading company name.

Rain can be very beautiful in a wedding (so long as it's not the whole ceremony)

Waiting for the flight home...

Have you been to Hawaii before? 
If so, which island and if not, which island would you want to visit?

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