Thursday, July 18, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 88

Awkward/Awesome Thursday!

Awkward: Posting this 40 minutes before it's no longer Thursday. And with no pictures.

Backstory: As I think I mentioned, I work once a week at a non-profit (because I believe in their mission and miss having co-workers). Since we're mostly all volunteers, there's a definitely air of casualness, which led to...
Awkward: During a slow-period, I finally glanced at the store's dress code. I was in violation of 6 rules.
Awesome: Yesterday, before my shift, I remembered the attire code and found a suitable dress.
Awkward: While rushing to get ready to go, I spilled my coffee all over my outfit.
Awesome: I had another suitable, clean dress to wear.
Awkward: Partially from the extra running around (changing, soaking other dress, etc) and partially because it was 90 degrees upstairs in our house, my face was melting off. My 5-year-old's instincts kicked in as I grabbed the bottom of my (new, clean) dress and wiped my face. Needless to say all sorts of sweat and makeup was seamlessly transferred on. With no time to change again, I had to just splash water on it and go to work. Did I mention I had sprayed one eye with hairspray and the other I had scratched with a mascara wand?

Speaking of sweat and eyes...
Awkward: During my group exercise class the other day, the instructor (who is working harder than the rest of us and sweating a lot) got sweat in her eyes and grabbed for her towel to sponge herself off. She used my towel.

Awesome: Going low-carb
Awkward: Going low-carb as a vegetarian

Awkward: I'm certainly not the best dancer but when we go to weddings, everyone is having such a great time, I just let it all out and am super silly.
Awesome: At the latest wedding, the bride's aunt came over and let me know that she had gathered a group of people and told them to watch me and they were all super 'entertained'. hahaha
Awesome x 2: At the end of the night, after we were shuttled back to the hotel, the 90-year-old grandpa sought me out to tell me he 'enjoyed my dancing very much'.

Awesome: Going to a cool, after-wedding party
Awkward: Falling asleep sitting up at an after party

Awkward: The name of one of my clients is slightly unusual but I was pretty sure I had gotten the pronunciation right in my head. When I finally met her, she said something completely differently. I spent the rest of the 2 hour shoot using her husband's name and referring to her as 'you'

I would love to hear your awkward/awesomes too!

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