Thursday, June 13, 2013

Awkward / Awesome vol. 87

Awkward/Awesome Thursday time!

Awkward: Realizing I'm pushing around someone else's grocery cart
Awkward x 2: Later, at checkout, realizing I left some of my groceries in that other person's cart

Awkward: Needing to change from my street clothes into attending-wedding-attire with nowhere to do it but in my car.
Awesome: The Dunkin Donuts parking lot was nearly empty
Awkward: As I emerged, putting on my shoes, a guy approached me and said, "Are you living out of your car too? I found a place down the street where they don't check parking much if you wanna hang out."

*Backstory for the next 2: I volunteer weekly at a non-profit fair trade organization*
Awesome: I was ringing up incense for a young man and the total was $4.20. I giggled.
Awkward: He didn't.

Awesome: The store has mostly women-oriented products but I made list of things that guys would find cool in case one ever came in. My day came and a man walked in. I started to tell him about the guy-oriented merchandise
Awkward: He cut me off and said, "It doesn't matter, I'm bi" and continued walking.

Awesome: Because I've never had a credit card, I have no credit card debt
Awkward: Because I've never had a credit card, I have no credit
Awesome: I got approved for a credit card
Awkward: Through my bank... With a collateral deposit.

What are some of your recent awkward/awesomes?


  1. i love that they guy thought you were living out of your wedding apparel!

  2. Aww, it's so nice to see you back again with another awesome/awkward post! I love the car thing! And that reminds me...

    Awesome: Ian and I went on a date tonight....I surprised him with a trip to the thrift store to pick out outfits for each other for the date, then dinner.
    Awkward: Us in the middle of changing in the car and the dude parked in the car in front of us walking by and gazing in a little too long.

  3. I don't have any credit either, and I can't seem to get approved for a credit card because I've never had a loan of any sort. I'll have to figure out something with the bank in the way of a pre-paid credit card just to get some kind of credit history.
    And the story about the guy who asked if you were living out of your car too--that was extremely awkward!!


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