Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 86

Aaannnd we're back!

It's been awhile since my last Awkward / Awesome and I'm hoping now that I'm more settled on the east coast, we can get back to our regular programming. The normal Awkward / Awesomes are below but here's a doozy to make up for the past few weeks.

Awesome: Scouting out a photo location ahead of time, since I'm new to DC.
Awkward:  It was supposed to be a 10 min drive from my house but it took an hour. After 30 min of not figuring out where the heck I could park, I didn't know what else to do since there was nowhere to pull over that didn't have military or police waving me on so I just ended up circling around and around on a roundabout and called Boyfriend-Fellow. He used the power of the internets but also could not figure out where I could park. He searched and searched and for 11 minutes I drove around and around the roundabout. I was sure after the 25th time I went around, a police would pull me over for being suspicious but that was yet to come.
He finally was able to start giving me directions, so I left the safety of my roundabout and right when he was telling me what the next exit would be, the call was dropped. I picked an exit at random and ended up being circled by police. I had ended up in a restricted area of the Pentagon! One of the officers took pity on me and escorted me to the gardens.
Awesome: At least that wasn't on the day-of the shoot!

Awkward: Going in for a hug when someone goes in for a handshake

Awesome: Making big ads for a debut party for my photography business.
Awkward: Misspelling portraiture on one of the big pieces

Awesome: This was pointed out before the party so I had time to order another
Awkward: The new one was spelled correctly but had a photo out of place.

Awesome: Going for a hike
Awkward: Being that one person who needs to pee before we even start
Awesome(?): There were porta-potties
Awkward: I found out after using it that there was no toilet paper
Awesome(?): I had a flyer in my purse....
Awkward: As soon as I stepped out, dignity degraded a bit, Boyfriend-Fellow pointed to just behind me, "Hey! There are REAL bathrooms right there!"

Awkward: Saying, "I look forward to meeting you" on the phone to someone I had apparently met before...

Awesome: Setting up a vendor booth for a dog festival and taking puppy portraits all day
Awesome x 2: Meemaw (Boyfriend-Fellow's grandma) lent me some burlap fabric for the dogs to sit on for the portraits.
Awkward: The third dog of the day sniffed the sack, smelled the two other dogs and peed on it.
Awkward x 2: This continued with every other dog.
Awkward x 3: The only dog to sniff it and get scared ran away from the corner and peed on my jacket instead.

Awesome: I had THREE family photoshoots on Sunday.
Awkward: Forgetting to say 'Happy Mother's Day' to even one of them.

Awkward: Hearing an old white man talking to a young middle eastern man
(scene: Starbucks napkin/spices counter)
Old dude: Excuse me, can I get in here, thanks... [pause]... Do you know this young woman here?
Middle eastern man: Yes, she's my wife.
Old dude: Ah, okay, so you'll probably shoot me if I talk to her, huh?
Middle eastern man: .....

What have been some of YOUR awkward / awesomes?! I'm sure you've had some good ones in the past 2 months!

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  1. I'm glad to hear you didn't get arrested for entering a restricted area! Though funny now, I am sure that story was quite frustrating at the time. And the dogs peeing on everything sounds like quite the adventure. But, on an exciting note, it seems like you are doing good with business with all the family and dog photos.


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