Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 86

Aaannnd we're back!

It's been awhile since my last Awkward / Awesome and I'm hoping now that I'm more settled on the east coast, we can get back to our regular programming. The normal Awkward / Awesomes are below but here's a doozy to make up for the past few weeks.

Awesome: Scouting out a photo location ahead of time, since I'm new to DC.
Awkward:  It was supposed to be a 10 min drive from my house but it took an hour. After 30 min of not figuring out where the heck I could park, I didn't know what else to do since there was nowhere to pull over that didn't have military or police waving me on so I just ended up circling around and around on a roundabout and called Boyfriend-Fellow. He used the power of the internets but also could not figure out where I could park. He searched and searched and for 11 minutes I drove around and around the roundabout. I was sure after the 25th time I went around, a police would pull me over for being suspicious but that was yet to come.
He finally was able to start giving me directions, so I left the safety of my roundabout and right when he was telling me what the next exit would be, the call was dropped. I picked an exit at random and ended up being circled by police. I had ended up in a restricted area of the Pentagon! One of the officers took pity on me and escorted me to the gardens.
Awesome: At least that wasn't on the day-of the shoot!

Awkward: Going in for a hug when someone goes in for a handshake

Awesome: Making big ads for a debut party for my photography business.
Awkward: Misspelling portraiture on one of the big pieces

Awesome: This was pointed out before the party so I had time to order another
Awkward: The new one was spelled correctly but had a photo out of place.

Awesome: Going for a hike
Awkward: Being that one person who needs to pee before we even start
Awesome(?): There were porta-potties
Awkward: I found out after using it that there was no toilet paper
Awesome(?): I had a flyer in my purse....
Awkward: As soon as I stepped out, dignity degraded a bit, Boyfriend-Fellow pointed to just behind me, "Hey! There are REAL bathrooms right there!"

Awkward: Saying, "I look forward to meeting you" on the phone to someone I had apparently met before...

Awesome: Setting up a vendor booth for a dog festival and taking puppy portraits all day
Awesome x 2: Meemaw (Boyfriend-Fellow's grandma) lent me some burlap fabric for the dogs to sit on for the portraits.
Awkward: The third dog of the day sniffed the sack, smelled the two other dogs and peed on it.
Awkward x 2: This continued with every other dog.
Awkward x 3: The only dog to sniff it and get scared ran away from the corner and peed on my jacket instead.

Awesome: I had THREE family photoshoots on Sunday.
Awkward: Forgetting to say 'Happy Mother's Day' to even one of them.

Awkward: Hearing an old white man talking to a young middle eastern man
(scene: Starbucks napkin/spices counter)
Old dude: Excuse me, can I get in here, thanks... [pause]... Do you know this young woman here?
Middle eastern man: Yes, she's my wife.
Old dude: Ah, okay, so you'll probably shoot me if I talk to her, huh?
Middle eastern man: .....

What have been some of YOUR awkward / awesomes?! I'm sure you've had some good ones in the past 2 months!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New House!

Finally! A house tour of our new space. I say 'finally' because we literally had everything unpacked by 11pm the day we moved in. But I have been slow to get pictures up here (and I've made SOME improvements since then).
Without further ado, this is the downstairs...
There's the kitchen...

(I definitely did  *not* crop out dirty dishes)

My windowsill pals!

And the Living Room....


And the Dining Room...
We play BananaGrams (Boyfriend-Fellow's version) every evening while eating dinner together. 
Here is a peek into our in-progress study/guest room...

I hope you liked our little house tour! We're excited to make it even more our own.