Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2013 - Day 7

Well... The day finally arrived. The last day of Fashion Week (sniff sniff). It's been SO fun to get to look through all of the lovely outfits that everyone's been putting together all week! I am so glad to have all these new blogs to read and I've been so incredibly moved by all the sweet comments that everyone has left me this week. Seriously. A HUGE thank you to [Deanna] for putting this on (and just for having such a great blog!)

My favorites from yesterday...

Again, [Charity] just blew me away with her whole outfit and all the details!
I haven't seen [Elle] in one single outfit this entire week that I don't totally want to emulate.
[Judy] looked SO beautiful in her green dress and [Melinda] rocked the 'meeting' outfit with that gorgeous black skirt and pink top!

And onto today's final outfit...
dress - talbots
shoes - target
flower - icing

A big thank you to Boyfriend-Fellow for putting up with me while taking these


Go check out the other participants for today at [Deanna's blog]!


  1. These pictures are GORGEOUS! Love the entire outfit, especially the flower in your hair! So, so pretty!

  2. Would you ever consider doing an eyeliner tutorial? Your dress is adorable and I love it and everything- but I can't stop looking at your eyes/eyeliner- it's amazing. I don't if it's my eye shape, but the cat eye thing never works on me.

  3. you look so retro in the dress. you are absolutely adorable! and i agree with modest momma, your eyeliner always looks amazing.

  4. That's a gorgeous dress, but I love the flower in your hair!!!

  5. I love this dress, it is just so fun! It looks great on you!

  6. These pictures are so great! I really love your dress.

  7. you are always so gorgeous. i really like how you take a classic, retro look (classy polka-dot dress, white rose in the hair) and make it fun and funky with your personality, posing, hair & makeup.

  8. You're like Tinkerbell! You're flyyyyying in that first picture!

  9. You are adorable. I'm in love with this dress AND I'm kicking myself in the butt for being such a bad blogger. I totally missed Spring Fashion week. TRA-GE-DY!


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