Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2013 - Day 6

How much did you LOVE [Deanna's] outfit yesterday? Wasn't she the cutest?
[Maritza] ROCKED the leggings, Charlotte had the coolest background and both [Katie] and [Carolynn] demonstrated sewing skills.

On to day 6 of Spring Fashion Week... This is the outfit I wore to our private tour of the Treasury building.  Ooh la la!

I wasn't feeling adventurous for posing since it was 7am

This dress is the BEST, just in general, but I especially love to wear it for photography sessions... I mean.. it's got the pretty flare and trim, not to mention a high neckline (great for when I need to lean over to take a picture)...

...And it has POCKETS! (for my lens caps)

Oh, and did I mention the back?
dress - boutique in San Diego
necklace - gift from Boyfriend-Fellow (first Christmas gift)
barrettes - gift from my dear friend Haley 
boots - DSW
jacket - nordstrom rack
purse - gift from madre

Ready for my close up! 

We had such a lovely time touring the Treasury building (though I do confess, before a google search on it, I thought that's where they made the moolah).


  1. You look fab! Lovely dress, I love that it has pockets!

    Sita xx

  2. your dress is the best! i love anything that has pockets! you are looking super cute like always. i bet all those secret service guys were checking you out behind their sunglasses. :)

  3. Can you BE any cuter?! I love this dress so much. Navy looks great on you!

  4. Dresses with pockets = best. The back looks amazing!

  5. That dress is SO flattering on you. It's a beautiful color, it's got a great shape, and I love the little detailing on the bottom of the skirt. You make it look spectacular!

    Also, high-necked items are a must when doing a photoshoot. Low heeled shoes too. Been there, done that.

  6. Wow, I love that dress and the brown boots look so awesome with it! Looking good as always, lady!

  7. That dress is gorgeous!! And that's such a flattering color on you! Is your hair naturally curly or do you use a curling iron? (Or both, I suppose...)

  8. A dress with pockets AND a low back?? That's perfect. I'm a teacher, so I always appreciate a good pair of pockets. You look adorable. :) (I ALMOST said adorbs, but I just can't bring myself to do it.)

  9. That dress is so cute on you! I love dresses that have pockets! I like that necklace, too.


  10. so you have the prettiest eyes ever.
    I love your entire outfit. The back on that dress is perfect.

  11. that dress is perfection -- LOVE the navy, the shape is great on you, and pockets in a dress are the greatest things ever.


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