Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2013 - Day 5

WE GOT THE APARTMENT!!! THE apartment we loved and were crossing our fingers for. 

In other exciting news, it's day 5 of Spring Fashion Week! Can you believe it? Time is flying by...

My favorite outfits from yesterday were...
[Rachel's] whole outfit! Head-to-toe perfection!
[Jessica's] sweet coral pants! And her other two outfits are adorable as well (typical Jessica)
[Charity's] very detailed outfit (way beyond just the clothes... She's got awesome nails, hair, shoes and accessories as well)

Today is casual. Jeans, hoodie and a beanie...

beanie - rei
jeans - marshalls
shoes - payless
hoodie - ?
earrings - gift from madre

Thanks to Boyfriend-Fellow for taking all the pictures this week!

Head over to [Deanna's] blog to compliment her headband then see what everyone else is wearing!


  1. yay apartment! finding a good place to live is always such a relief!

    you look cute and comfy-cozy. i like the brightness of your earrings in all the neutrals -- you always have the best jewelery!

  2. i love casual days! your beanie looks so comfy, and your earrings really make your eyes pop!

  3. woo! rock the beanie. I feel like this is a very typical 'me' outfit as well. Converse (or Converse knock offs) are always the way to go.

    And congrats on the apartment! What a relief, I'm sure.

  4. I love your earrings! And that looks like a cozy outfit if it's a little chilly outdoors! To answer your question about the hair color--I like bright purple, and my purple hair fades really fast, because I wash my hair every day, so I put purple color on again to brighten it up every week. I've had purple since February...before that, blue, and before that, fuchsia.

  5. You look absolutely adorable in everything you wear! And I'm glad you got the apartment! Hope you guys are enjoying the east coast!

  6. Your outfit looks SO comfy! I love it! Those shoes are so cute.

    Congrats on the apartment!

  7. What a fun comfy outfit. I agree, the beanie is awesome.


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