Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2013 - Day 2

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments yesterday! I hope that everyone participating in Fashion Week is feeling all the love! Everyone looks so fabulous. I especially adored [Katie's] enthusiasm, [Carolynn's] recreation of one of Deanna's outfits and [Modest Momma's] timeless classic style.

Today I had a REAL photographer (i.e. not tripod). Boyfriend-Fellow kindly agreed to snap these pics and it only took 10 photos instead of 100 to get ones where I don't look nutso.

dress - thrifted (buffalo exchange)
boots - DW
cardigan - bunny's (santa cruz)
necklace - idle hands boutique in santa cruz (but you can find it [here])

Don't forget to head over to [Deanna's blog] and see her stellar kicks as well as what all the other ladies are sporting!


  1. I CANNOT have Jordan take pictures of me. I always get silly and self-conscious, hence including my sister as a photographer however many times I've had her. It would be so much easier if Jordan could take them, but alas...

    I like the big, bright flowers on your dress. So fun!

    1. same here, char-let! hence the goofball faces when he shows up on the photo set. =) plus, my mister is far less interested in getting a good shot than in taking pictures of my chest. boys... =)

  2. having recently learned the term "head canon" from charlotte, i have to say that this is head canon rachael for me now -- flirty patterned sundress, solid cardi, boots and a killer necklace. i really like everything about this, and how much it just seems like you. =)

  3. OMGoodness, I want your dress! It is so beautiful! I am a huge fan of boots with dresses, so this is definitely something I would wear, and you rocked it!

  4. i love dressed with boots, no matter what time of year. i have that octopus necklace too. :)

  5. You have a bit of a thing for floral dresses, don't you? I love the colors of this one, especially! And Deanna really had some awesome shoes on today, didn't she?

  6. I always think you look adorable. And you take the most beautiful pictures. I always look funny looking down and you manage to look beautiful and coy. I love the boots/dress combo.

  7. That first picture=perfection. That dress is so lovely on you! And I'm totally loving the necklace!


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