Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1

How's that for a creative title?

But seriously, I'm excited!!! It's finally Spring Fashion Week, hosted by the fabulous Deanna (thank you thank you!)

If you're new to Fashion Week it's basically 7 days of posting what you're wearing (no pressure to be a perfect ensemble), then you go around and check out the amazing outfits linked up on Deanna's blog. Everyone is so sweet and supportive and it's a free boost of confidence that lingers for weeks.

I ALMOST didn't get to participate today... We're house-sitting, I had a photoshoot, it was cold outside... All reasons that would shut me down from participating in something like this if I didn't know how much fun it is. All this to say I didn't really plan out this outfit, it's just one of my go-to's.

dress - Talbots
boots - DW
hat - ?


This was my first photo. Can you tell I was excited?


  1. You always have such cute poses! Love the outfit!

  2. oh, cute. love the blue roses, and the sleeveless shirtdress? SO flattering on you. glad you made it through the move, and looking forward to seeing the rest of your ensembles throughout the week!

  3. yay! i'm so glad you linked up. you always look so stinkin' cute! and i love when you wear hats. :) and i always love your pictures because they show so much personality.

  4. I don't my earlier comment came through. My phone is wonky sometimes. :)

    I love your outfit- the dress, the boots and the hat- everything is great!!! I'm so glad you are doing SFW!

  5. That's a very cute dress--and the boots are a good addition for chilly weather!

  6. Great go-to outfit, especially for photoshoots. It's professional, but still looks fun. And, POCKETS!


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