Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Question About Safety

So, as I embark on being a photographer full-time, I'm starting to face an issue I hadn't thought through... Stranger-danger.
Every photo job I've done has been for a friend or a friend-of-a-friend or a friend-of-a-friend's-friend.... You get the picture (har har).

How does one remain safe as a photographer?

People have told me, "Just meet with everyone in a public place."

But what about a newborn session? What if a mom contacts me and says she'd love to have me take pictures of her new baby. Do I tell her I won't go to her house without meeting her at a coffee shop first? Even if I do meet with her elsewhere first, if she's a criminal, she still might not rob me or something when I'm in her house.

And what about during the winter months when outdoor photographer isn't possible on the east coast? I had been planning on having a home studio but now that doesn't seem like a good idea if I don't want to give out my address to strangers.

Any advice from anyone who has navigated this would be super appreciated!

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  1. My friend (photographer) has a consultation with each new client. She brings a contract with her that they sign agreeing on the price and what she offers (it also goes over printing rights, what's included in the session, how long the session is, etc). She usually meets them at a local coffee shop. Maybe that's what you could do? You could get a feel for each client before actually meeting them anywhere not-public.

    She is a birth photographer (which is how I met her). If you're comfortable with birth, that would be AWESOME to do! Women are always looking for a photographer so that their husbands can pay attention to the birth. :) I would love to do birth photography if I had the skillz.


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