Monday, April 8, 2013

Made it!

Well, after a brief, busy stop in the Bay Area and four days in the car (3 of which included Subway for lunch*^), we made it to the east coast on Friday! Apparently, I was the first person to ever order the 'side of fresh vegetables' at the restaurant we stopped at in Salt Lake City. The chefs didn't know what to do.

Immediately, on Saturday, I had my first meeting with an east coast bride and it went great! I'll be photographing her wedding in September.  So now I have 5 weddings booked! Whoo!

Sunday was a mind-trip because while celebrating Boyfriend-Fellow and my birthday at his grandma's house, I realized it was exactly a year ago that I visited Boyfriend-Fellow's family for the first time and we celebrated his birthday at his grandma's house...

Today we checked out neighborhoods in DC and it was super fun pretending that each new place was our new 'hood.  We'll probably continue to crash with Boyfriend-Fellow's parents for another month or so to save on rent and get our bearings but if the right place opens up, we'll snag it. I can't wait to nest.

*Traveling across the country as a vegetarian = bleh. 
^Never again, Subway. Our relationship has changed.

And now, the photo dump...

Have you ever done the cross-country trip? Which route did you take, how long did it take and where did you stop?


  1. Congrats on the booking the wedding! And 5 weddings booked...go you! I am sure it feels amazing to be out of the car. I am excited to follow along on your adventure as you get settled into life in DC.

    As for a cross country trip, when I was a kid, my family took 6 weeks and roamed across the US. It made for good memories. Ian and I have taken some brutal road trips (drove to Italy and back from Scotland) and end up hating fast food by the end of them.

    1. Six weeks?! That's a LONNNNG time in the car! Where was your favorite spot (or spots?).

  2. Glad you all made it safely!!

    We are moving cross-country soon. Ish. Soonish. Hopefully within the year! Have any tips?! We'll be taking Arlo (of course) and our two dogs so I'm sure it will be quite an interesting trip to say the least.

    1. Hey Natasha,
      Wow! You're really doing it! That's great! What are you going to do about work? We had a pretty smooth trip because we were entertained. Books-on-tape, a borrowed iPad with a data plan (for movies and shows anywhere we got reception). We looked up riddles on our phones and talked about the future, and some friends wrote us 2 letters for each day with puzzles, origami, games to play on the road, etc. It was actually pretty fun! Also try to bring as much healthy food as you can. Good luck! I can't wait to hear about your next chapter!


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