Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fashion Week is Approaching

Deanna, from DeliriousRhapsody, is once again hosting Fashion Week! I'm so excited!

I thought it a bit funny though... The first time I participated in Fashion Week was [Spring 2010] and I was living at my mom's, having recently left graduate school.

Now, it's Spring 2013 again and I'm living at Boyfriend-Fellow's mom's, having recently left graduate school.

Funny how that goes.

Our furniture got delivered today and, not really related to that, I'm finally starting to feel settled... We left Southern California on March 26th and got here on April 5th because of our Northern California stopover. It's been great here for the most part but the first couple of days, especially my birthday were a little hard. I would get worked up over small things and cry at the drop of a hat.

I have been a busy bee because my deep fear is that I won't 'make it' as a photographer. So I've been putting up flyers, handing out business cards, meeting with potential clients and applying for advertisements in the paper as well as church bulletins like mad.  It's a little weird because we'll be moving about an hour away to D.C. around mid-May to early-June so I'm currently investing in a place that won't be my business base but so it goes... It wouldn't make much sense to sit on my hands until then either.

Tomorrow we go check out a potential apartment and I'm really stoked about that.

Are you going to participate in Spring Fashion Week? (the correct answer is yes)


  1. thanks for the shout out! i am so excited and can't wait to see what everyone links up!

  2. Oh girlfriend you will totally make it as a photographer! Dont cha worry. Never lose sight of that dream xo

    1. Thanks Lindsay! Your comment made me feel better :)

  3. I found your site through Fall Fashion Week in 2011. I hope you do the link up!

  4. You'll totally get there!! A photographer friend here really uses Pinterest to her advantage. Pinning photos and putting the city/surrounding area in the description box -- "____ Wedding Photographer" etc.

    YAY! We are going to be moving cross country soon. I hope it's soon, anyway!


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