Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blogging is so weird! Part - 4

Okay, so I've [randomly met someone from blogworld], [purposely met someone from blog-world],  and [been recognized by a follower] which I thought just about covered it - but no, there's another possibility. How about meeting someone from blog-land IN THE PAST?
That's what happened to [Jessica] and I!

(I stole this from her page)

I found Jessica's blog through [Emery's] fashion week way-back-when and I've always been drawn to her. I like her style, her writing, her down-to-earth-ness. I like the topics she writes about and her parenting style. I like her sense of humor and no-drama style of life. She is just all around darling and admirable. She's one of those bloggers I felt like I would be over-the-moon excited to meet in real life. Well, apparently she wanted to meet me too and reached out about it. We tried to arrange a time to get together but it was right before Boyfriend-Fellow and I left the west coast so we had to delay our meeting. Then she saw a picture I posted on Instagram of me in my old stomping grounds and commented that it was HER old stomping grounds too!

"You lived there when?"
"That's when I lived there! I worked at that one cafe!"
"I worked there TOO! I worked there in 2004!"
"Me TOO!!!!"

In the end, through a mutual friend seeing this exchange, we were told that not only did we live in the same city at the same time, and not only did we work in the same place at the same time but she TRAINED me there! She was about to head off to her Scotland adventure and I was the newbie in town.

Neither of us remember meeting each other then. Isn't that bizarre?

P.S. I haven't given up on meeting you again, Jessica. I'll be back in CA pretty often :)


  1. I still can't believe this Rachael. Especially since I felt like we were destined to be friends. And I can't wait for the opportunity to re-meet you in the real world.

  2. wow, what an amazing meant-to-be-friends sort of story. i hope your paths can cross again!

  3. Woah. Blogging is SO weird! I've wondering if I've met a blogger friend from a ~past life~ but I don't know too many who live in Milwaukee.

    Jessica is one of the bloggers I'd love to meet at well. Everyone loves Jessica! :)

  4. That is seriously so crazy! And so cool! And so...crazy!

  5. That is soooooooooo crazy!!!!!!!!

  6. Umm, craziest blog meet up story ever? Yes.

  7. HOLY weird!! Things like this are the type of things you kinda dream about, you know? That is so cool. I want to say congratulations but I don't know why.


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