Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grey Place

I've been feeling rather grey and blah recently and I couldn't quite put my finger on it... I certainly am excited about the move and starting this new chapter with my photography business. I have the support of my family and friends. Yes, things are tight, financially, but I'll make it. So I was confused what was wrong... Then I realized what a weird situation this is for a nester and investor like myself.

I can't go buy groceries, since we'll be gone in three weeks.
I can't start any household improvement projects since I'll be out of this apartment in three weeks.
I can't go buy clothes since my suitcase is already overfull and we have limited space for all my belongings.
I don't feel like going and trying a new restaurant or exploring since we'll be gone in three weeks.
And all my time with friends feels like a very long goodbye (which is so sad).

So when I'm not working on graduate school projects, or editing photos, I find myself feeling bored ... and sad. I know this new life will be exciting and fun and challenging but it's so ... off in the future and hard to really envision right now.

I'm not complaining. Things are pretty good. I just wanted to document how I'm feeling instead of just posting surface stuff.


  1. Try to enjoy your last weeks. Don't let the fact that you are moving deprive you of trying new restaurants. If it is good, more reason to eat there again when you come back to visit! Excited for your new adventure. Moving is hard.

  2. Sorry Rachael. I've been in that odd place a couple times now and I hate it. It's like great things are just ahead. But that's just ahead and not now. Transition is always awkward and hard.


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