Friday, March 29, 2013

And we're off!

We're on the road! We left Southern California on Tuesday. What a doozy of a day... we had shipped some boxes east already but were trying to fit most of our stuff in Boyfriend-Fellow's car. Now, with a time deadline and not everything fitting, we had to make some tough decisions (well, I did, as I was the one with more stuff). But we got through it and headed to Madre's for the evening, to see the Littles and  Madre and Stepdad one more time as well as do a family photoshoot the next morning.

Wednesday - we drove to Northern California, where we'll be for a few days so that Boyfriend-Fellow can meet my extended family for Easter. Early next week, we'll start the 4 day drive east.

Thursday - we just had a chill day, fixed my shattered iPhone, drove out to Russian River Brewing co and finished the evening with card games.

Here are some pictures of our adventures so far...

Getting drinks with friends on one of our last nights....

Leaving Southern California...

Meeting a Nomad...

Driving buddies...

Nearing King City...

Getting Firestone's in San Luis Obispo (my old stomping grounds, more about that soon (JESS!))...

Showing Boyfriend-Fellow the Gum Wall...

Checking out some downtowns...

I'll keep you updated on our migration!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 85

Hey guys! Awkward/Awesome Thursday time! 

Awkward: I'm about to be uninsured so I went down to the pharmacy to pick up next month's prescription to tide me over until I can get new coverage and a doctor's appointment.
Awkward x 2: They told me I could pick it up on the 28th. The day AFTER we leave Southern California.
Awesome: I made friends with someone upstairs and she made an exception :)

Awkward: The purposeless/sad/bored underlying feeling I've been having and posted about [yesterday].
Awesome: My mom asked me if I would like to edit the pictures I took of Littlest-Little's soccer team last weekend and put them online for the parents. I didn't realize until later that she hadn't added her usual, "If you have time" or "when you get a chance"... She gave me a purpose! What a clever woman (I love you!)

Awesome: Wearing a light, breezy dress.
Awkward: When it is actually breezy outside, and the breeze is at such an angle that the dress is graphically outlining the front of my body as I walk in front of strangers. It's like a clingy bathing suit.

Awkward: Hangnails
Awkward x 2: I'm always running my fingers through my hair. This aggravates the hangnails.

Awkward/Horrible: Being asked if I'm pregnant (I've gained a bit of weight from the moving stress)
Awesome: That person is now doing me a big favor

Awesome: Giving up sugar (well, not giving up entirely but cutting back by 90% what I was having)
Awkward AND Awesome: Now everyone's making me delicious going-away treats.

Awesome: Having a fabulous time exploring an ecological reserve for a family photoshoot.
Awkward: Noticing as we were leaving that there was poison oak everywhere (yes, we strayed from the trails...and I had the children and the parents sitting in the foliage many times)
Awesome: No one got any poison oak

Awesome: Remember the bagel place I talked about where they put toppings on BOTH sides of their bagels? We went back there today for probably the last time.
Awkward: They were out of my 'whole-wheat with everything' bagels. So I got plain ol' whole wheat.
Awesome: The nice lady just gave me a side of seeds and garlic to sprinkle on it myself. I love humanity.

What are YOUR Awkwards & Awesomes from the week?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grey Place

I've been feeling rather grey and blah recently and I couldn't quite put my finger on it... I certainly am excited about the move and starting this new chapter with my photography business. I have the support of my family and friends. Yes, things are tight, financially, but I'll make it. So I was confused what was wrong... Then I realized what a weird situation this is for a nester and investor like myself.

I can't go buy groceries, since we'll be gone in three weeks.
I can't start any household improvement projects since I'll be out of this apartment in three weeks.
I can't go buy clothes since my suitcase is already overfull and we have limited space for all my belongings.
I don't feel like going and trying a new restaurant or exploring since we'll be gone in three weeks.
And all my time with friends feels like a very long goodbye (which is so sad).

So when I'm not working on graduate school projects, or editing photos, I find myself feeling bored ... and sad. I know this new life will be exciting and fun and challenging but it's so ... off in the future and hard to really envision right now.

I'm not complaining. Things are pretty good. I just wanted to document how I'm feeling instead of just posting surface stuff.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No Bake Cookies

*This is another old post I forgot to publish*

I now have a weekly potluck/meeting so I'm trying out new, easy-to-make dishes.
Last week I brought the Lentil-Feta-Bruschetta dealio.
This week I saw these No Bake Cookies on Elizabeth's blog (Delightfully Tacky).

I didn't modify the recipe at all... 

But I did modify the presentation as I did not have enough
room in my freezer for more than 1 cookie sheet of dough. 

So I put the the rest of the dough in a tupperware, froze THAT, and cut it into squares later.

They're quick to make and quite tasty!
I highly recommend them (in moderation).

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Quiet Day

(NOTE: This was written last month but I forgot to post it) 

We had a quiet day while I was home last week and 
I just love the lifestyle these girls lead. 

First they read in bed...

Then we worked on Biggest-Little's math homework and Littlest-Little's science fair project...
After awhile they were restless of being indoors so they had a backyard adventure...

The dogs played with us too...

Aren't The Littles gorgeous? 

The dogs are good-looking too