Thursday, February 28, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 84

It's a short but sweet awkward-awesome week....

Awesome(!!!): Boyfriend-Fellow got the job! The awesome one that he'd been wanting! It's for a navy contractor working big data sets (he's into that sort of thing). 
Awkward: The position isn't open for another 9 months....
Awesome: Our friend in D.C. is connected with a temp agency and has a spare room she offered us for 6 months (how sweet is that?!)

Awesome: I now have been officially hired as the photographer for 3 weddings (one is in Hawaii!)!!!

Awkward: Having to get rid of so much stuff (we're making the move essentially in one car for the both of us (though I cheated and shipped my books and CDs already)).
Awesome: Finding people that need the things I have too much of.
Awkward: Accidentally giving away all my towels (I thought I had a few spares but now I'm down to just one. Oops).

Awesome: Finally checking out a breakfast restaurant in our area that everyone recommended.
Awkward: The wait was quoted as one hour (at least not as bad as the 2 hour wait last time).
Awesome: It was worth it.

Awkward: Really? Boxed water? Apparently it's the new eco-friendly rage.

What's been awkward/awesome about your week?


  1. So awesome he got the job!! And even cooler for your friend getting you guys a room! Fate, I tell ya. ;) (I mean, if you believe in that sort of thing)

    Three weddings! THAT IS SO COOL! I am so happy and proud for you!

    At least you get to buy some new fluffy towels :)

    I'm starving and that breakfast looks amazing :( Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Congrats to you and BF! You both have exciting news. :) Have you ever been to Hawaii? If not, you've got to live it up while you're there.

    Quick note: boxed water is grosssss. Tastes like cardboard.


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