Thursday, February 21, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol 83

Thursday = Awkward/Awesome time!

Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow made this for me to watch whenever I'm having a bad day...

Awesome: Going on a weekend getaway trip with our friends.
Awkward: Forgetting my toothbrush, toothpaste AND contact fluid.

Awesome: Meeting up with some old friends for dinner in Los Alamos (a tiny little town near Santa Barbara).
Awkward: We were quoted a 2 hour wait at the restaurant
There was nowhere else to eat (it was a very small town) and we figured they must be exaggerating.
Awkward x 2: The wait was over 2 hours....
Awesome: At least they had giant fake fruit to play with!

Theoretically awesome: Yelp has an automated filtering system to hide fake reviews so that you can trust what you read.
Actuality: I now have 3 showing reviews and SIXTEEN (real) reviews hidden. ARGGGGH!

Awkward: I was making an egg white + sun-dried tomato + feta wrap for breakfast and I was out of cheese.
Awkward x 2: So I used cream cheese.
Awesome: It was actually delicious!

Awkward: Continuing in last week's theme of forgetting stuff for the gym, I didn't have my headphones yesterday. I just played my music from my phone without headphones. So many people around me had their own headphones I don't think anyone noticed. Weird world.

Awesome: Bagels with toppings on BOTH sides!

What's been awkward/awesome in YOUR week?


  1. A bagel with toppings on both sides is just plain genius! I don't know why they aren't just made that way. Boyfriend fellow's video made me laugh more than I care to admit. I may just revisit it when I am having a bad day. And cream cheese, well in my book, it makes any food better.

  2. The polar bear video is HILARIOUS. I was cracking up right away!

    I don't think I could wait 2 hours for dinner. I would be so crazy hungry, I'd probably yell at a staff member.


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