Thursday, February 14, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 82

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you guys have plans? 
We're going out to dinner and then a film festival! I'm super excited.

I didn't get a good shot of my outfit today but I assure you, those are not dots, they are hearts!

Awkward: Forgetting my gym shirt yesterday
Awesome: Borrowing Boyfriend-Fellow's
Awkward: It was used.....

Awkward: Forgetting my gym shirt today. Again.
Awkward and Awesome: Wearing a dress to my dance class.

Awesome: Getting my friends to agree to do a styled shoot (faux wedding to showcase my new equipment and style since the last wedding I photographed).
Awesome: Going thrift store shopping with them to find wedding attire.
Awkward: The 'groom' shopped for 6 hours! He wore both 'the bride' and me out!
Awesome: Our shoot was so realistic looking that other people were trying to discretely get pictures of the couple. They were not very discrete.

Awkward: Interacting with the prospective students for graduate school here now that I'm leaving....

Awkward: Not having a Valentine's gift for Boyfriend-Fellow by today... He will be unwrapping pictures of his items that will be arriving in the mail soon. Reeaaallll romantic, Rachael.

Awesome: Hosting an official craft class to teach people how to make this bracelet.
Awkward: I wasn't given the supplies until the day-of and the embroidery needle needed to finish the bracelets was too small for the cord they supplied! Thus, no one was able to finish a bracelet!
Awesome: They all agreed to come back to my office later in the week to finish them after I had bought a bigger needle.


  1. Bad luck at the gym! And I saw a few of those pictures you took. Beautiful! You have an amazing eye and I am always so impressed with the crispness of your photos...especially those baby ones.

  2. I loved those pictures you took of your friends! My favorite was the one of them dancing.

    I go to the gym before school and I forgot my bag this week. I had to walk around stinky like sweat all day long. It was awful, I didn't even have any kind of body spray to try to get rid of the stink.


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