Thursday, February 7, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 81

Wow! I actually posted this on a Thursday!
Awkward/Awesome time...

Awesome: Getting boyfriend-fellow this barrel for infusing bourbon for his Christmas present
It has his initials on the front, but I blurred/edited it for privacy's sake, hence why it looks weird.
Awesome x 2: He decided to make apple-cinnamon infused bourbon.
Awkward: You can't really fit anything through that hole!

Awkward x 2: So we had to chop up the pieces ridiculously small
It takes FOREVER to chop one apple into pieces this small!

Awesome: Getting garlic-rosemary fries (and having leftovers!)
Awkward: Leaving the leftovers in your car overnight (wooooow, the smell).

Awesome: Comfy dresses with sleeves.
Awkward: I make everyone who compliments this dress touch it cuz it's so soft.

Awkward AND Awesome: Time with The Littles!

Awesome: I made this tiny whisk!

Awesome: And I made this ring!

What's been awkward/awesome with you guys?!


  1. Seeing the Littles with BF just warms my heart.

    Apple infused bourbon? Send some my way!

  2. Apple cinnamon infused bourbon?! YES PLEASE!

  3. I thought the barrel was much larger in that first photo! I love how you do so many miniature things! So cute and fun. Also, your eyes are gooooorgeous.

  4. I love that eye shot. Also, you're eye is beautiful. How did the bourbon turn out???

  5. Pretty eyeball!

    I love you tiny wisk!


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