Friday, February 1, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol 80

Awkward: The delay in getting this blog published.
Awesome: Hopefully these doozies will make up for the tardiness!

Awesome: Yesterday, I got to eat lunch with my coworker outside (in January!)
Awkward: A bird pooped on us.
Awesome: We laughed it off.
Awkward: It then pooped on our food.
Awkward x 2: As we were debating whether we should try to cut off the offending parts of our food, the bird pooped on everything again.
No more eating outside.

Awkward: Forgetting my sports bra on elliptical machine day.
Awkward x 2: Working out anyway and just providing support with my arm.

Awesome: A meeting I had with a potential bride & her family turned into a lunch.
Awkward: I had already packed a lunch.... So I put my lunchbox it in their fridge to save for a dinner instead.
Awkward: After saying goodbye and driving 5 minutes, I realized I had left my lunchbox there and had to go back for it....

Awkward: After finding someone's bank card stuck in the ATM and calling the bank to report it, the woman said chirpily, "Great! Thank you! We've canceled her card." I guess that's the best thing to do in that situation but I felt like I hadn't really done her a favor.

Awkward: The vocabulary of undergraduates these days. I had to define 'dye', 'novice' and 'causal' during the midterm.

Awesome: Boyfriend and I got acai bowls for breakfast on Saturday.
Awkward: By the time we got them, I had only 6 minutes to eat it before I was scheduled to meet someone at a coffee shop.
Awesome: We were only one block away.
Almost-awkward: As I was walking into the coffee shop, I almost gave the rest of my bowl to a homeless man shuffling towards me but as I was reaching it out to him, he gave me a look and I didn't. Which was good.... Because he was one of the coffee shop employees.

Awkward: During a photoshoot today, while rambling (which helps people feel comfortable, I've found), I told my subject that he had great ears and could be an ear model. He proceeded to tell me how  that he only had one good ear. The other, he informed me, was destroyed when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. His sunglasses pierced through his ear and it had to be reconstructed.

Anything Awkward/Awesome with YOUR week?

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  1. Bird poop is just a no-no. I couldn't do it. I shudder just thinking about it!

    Also, that sounds like the most awkward workout ever.


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