Thursday, February 28, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 84

It's a short but sweet awkward-awesome week....

Awesome(!!!): Boyfriend-Fellow got the job! The awesome one that he'd been wanting! It's for a navy contractor working big data sets (he's into that sort of thing). 
Awkward: The position isn't open for another 9 months....
Awesome: Our friend in D.C. is connected with a temp agency and has a spare room she offered us for 6 months (how sweet is that?!)

Awesome: I now have been officially hired as the photographer for 3 weddings (one is in Hawaii!)!!!

Awkward: Having to get rid of so much stuff (we're making the move essentially in one car for the both of us (though I cheated and shipped my books and CDs already)).
Awesome: Finding people that need the things I have too much of.
Awkward: Accidentally giving away all my towels (I thought I had a few spares but now I'm down to just one. Oops).

Awesome: Finally checking out a breakfast restaurant in our area that everyone recommended.
Awkward: The wait was quoted as one hour (at least not as bad as the 2 hour wait last time).
Awesome: It was worth it.

Awkward: Really? Boxed water? Apparently it's the new eco-friendly rage.

What's been awkward/awesome about your week?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

More big news....

We're moving! 

We're heading to the East Coast (ultimately D.C. but we'll be staying with Boyfriend-Fellow's family for awhile, near D.C., while we find a place) in one month!

This means that Boyfriend-Fellow is leaving graduate school as well.  He was dissatisfied for some of the same reasons as me and many of his own.

Not only is Boyfriend-Fellow's family in the area we're heading, but the jobs that Boyfriend-Fellow has been interested in (and interviewing for) are all out there.

We had been toying with the idea of moving for awhile since family is very important to both of us and this seems like a solution that allows both of us to see our families the maximum amount. Now that I'm doing photography full-time (i.e. I'm my own boss and can do work from anywhere), I can come back to California for longer, enjoy my time more and can offset the cost of the flight home with some photography jobs in California.

This is all very unknown right now. We're still waiting to hear about Boyfriend-Fellow's job and we don't know how long we'll be out there ultimately. But we're taking a leap of faith and trusting that it will be fine.

Of course, there's a big part of me that's terrified. What if I don't get to see my family enough? What if......? Actually, I've realized that that's my only fear.  And I'm having to learn to trust that where there's a will, there's a way. My family is so incredibly vital to me and if I set an intention to prioritize my relationships with them, then I will.

But I could still use your encouragement, advice and stories of how you were able to maintain (if not strengthen) your relationships with people as you've moved further from them.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Trip (in pictures)

This past weekend we went on a double-date overnight trip to Solvang (wine country!).

The couple we went with are just our favorites! They're so funny and pleasant

This is just a random shot in the evening but I love it....

One of my favorite parts was going to an ostrich/emu farm and getting to feed the birds.

There were ostriches (pictured above) and emus (below)

They were such funny, mess eaters!

These creatures are SUPER weird.... Evidence...

Their tongues!

Their nostrils!

Their ear-holes!

Their extra eyelids...

This one had one funky eye (kinda looked like a venus fly trap!)

(I don't know that kid but he's cute!)

On the way out of town, we finally got to get some of the 'world famous' Buellton split pea soup!

(It was delicious)

What are your plans for this weekend?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol 83

Thursday = Awkward/Awesome time!

Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow made this for me to watch whenever I'm having a bad day...

Awesome: Going on a weekend getaway trip with our friends.
Awkward: Forgetting my toothbrush, toothpaste AND contact fluid.

Awesome: Meeting up with some old friends for dinner in Los Alamos (a tiny little town near Santa Barbara).
Awkward: We were quoted a 2 hour wait at the restaurant
There was nowhere else to eat (it was a very small town) and we figured they must be exaggerating.
Awkward x 2: The wait was over 2 hours....
Awesome: At least they had giant fake fruit to play with!

Theoretically awesome: Yelp has an automated filtering system to hide fake reviews so that you can trust what you read.
Actuality: I now have 3 showing reviews and SIXTEEN (real) reviews hidden. ARGGGGH!

Awkward: I was making an egg white + sun-dried tomato + feta wrap for breakfast and I was out of cheese.
Awkward x 2: So I used cream cheese.
Awesome: It was actually delicious!

Awkward: Continuing in last week's theme of forgetting stuff for the gym, I didn't have my headphones yesterday. I just played my music from my phone without headphones. So many people around me had their own headphones I don't think anyone noticed. Weird world.

Awesome: Bagels with toppings on BOTH sides!

What's been awkward/awesome in YOUR week?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 82

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you guys have plans? 
We're going out to dinner and then a film festival! I'm super excited.

I didn't get a good shot of my outfit today but I assure you, those are not dots, they are hearts!

Awkward: Forgetting my gym shirt yesterday
Awesome: Borrowing Boyfriend-Fellow's
Awkward: It was used.....

Awkward: Forgetting my gym shirt today. Again.
Awkward and Awesome: Wearing a dress to my dance class.

Awesome: Getting my friends to agree to do a styled shoot (faux wedding to showcase my new equipment and style since the last wedding I photographed).
Awesome: Going thrift store shopping with them to find wedding attire.
Awkward: The 'groom' shopped for 6 hours! He wore both 'the bride' and me out!
Awesome: Our shoot was so realistic looking that other people were trying to discretely get pictures of the couple. They were not very discrete.

Awkward: Interacting with the prospective students for graduate school here now that I'm leaving....

Awkward: Not having a Valentine's gift for Boyfriend-Fellow by today... He will be unwrapping pictures of his items that will be arriving in the mail soon. Reeaaallll romantic, Rachael.

Awesome: Hosting an official craft class to teach people how to make this bracelet.
Awkward: I wasn't given the supplies until the day-of and the embroidery needle needed to finish the bracelets was too small for the cord they supplied! Thus, no one was able to finish a bracelet!
Awesome: They all agreed to come back to my office later in the week to finish them after I had bought a bigger needle.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 81

Wow! I actually posted this on a Thursday!
Awkward/Awesome time...

Awesome: Getting boyfriend-fellow this barrel for infusing bourbon for his Christmas present
It has his initials on the front, but I blurred/edited it for privacy's sake, hence why it looks weird.
Awesome x 2: He decided to make apple-cinnamon infused bourbon.
Awkward: You can't really fit anything through that hole!

Awkward x 2: So we had to chop up the pieces ridiculously small
It takes FOREVER to chop one apple into pieces this small!

Awesome: Getting garlic-rosemary fries (and having leftovers!)
Awkward: Leaving the leftovers in your car overnight (wooooow, the smell).

Awesome: Comfy dresses with sleeves.
Awkward: I make everyone who compliments this dress touch it cuz it's so soft.

Awkward AND Awesome: Time with The Littles!

Awesome: I made this tiny whisk!

Awesome: And I made this ring!

What's been awkward/awesome with you guys?!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Growing up

Gus is growing up.... Sniff, sniff!





Friday, February 1, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol 80

Awkward: The delay in getting this blog published.
Awesome: Hopefully these doozies will make up for the tardiness!

Awesome: Yesterday, I got to eat lunch with my coworker outside (in January!)
Awkward: A bird pooped on us.
Awesome: We laughed it off.
Awkward: It then pooped on our food.
Awkward x 2: As we were debating whether we should try to cut off the offending parts of our food, the bird pooped on everything again.
No more eating outside.

Awkward: Forgetting my sports bra on elliptical machine day.
Awkward x 2: Working out anyway and just providing support with my arm.

Awesome: A meeting I had with a potential bride & her family turned into a lunch.
Awkward: I had already packed a lunch.... So I put my lunchbox it in their fridge to save for a dinner instead.
Awkward: After saying goodbye and driving 5 minutes, I realized I had left my lunchbox there and had to go back for it....

Awkward: After finding someone's bank card stuck in the ATM and calling the bank to report it, the woman said chirpily, "Great! Thank you! We've canceled her card." I guess that's the best thing to do in that situation but I felt like I hadn't really done her a favor.

Awkward: The vocabulary of undergraduates these days. I had to define 'dye', 'novice' and 'causal' during the midterm.

Awesome: Boyfriend and I got acai bowls for breakfast on Saturday.
Awkward: By the time we got them, I had only 6 minutes to eat it before I was scheduled to meet someone at a coffee shop.
Awesome: We were only one block away.
Almost-awkward: As I was walking into the coffee shop, I almost gave the rest of my bowl to a homeless man shuffling towards me but as I was reaching it out to him, he gave me a look and I didn't. Which was good.... Because he was one of the coffee shop employees.

Awkward: During a photoshoot today, while rambling (which helps people feel comfortable, I've found), I told my subject that he had great ears and could be an ear model. He proceeded to tell me how  that he only had one good ear. The other, he informed me, was destroyed when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. His sunglasses pierced through his ear and it had to be reconstructed.

Anything Awkward/Awesome with YOUR week?