Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Topical Tuesday

I'm stealing Deanna's idea for today's post. She has a question up every Tuesday that sparks interesting discussions.
My question is...
How have you been changed or influenced 
by the people you've been interested in?

I mean, the music is often the first thing I think of. I was into punk with the punk boy, metal with the metal guy (that was way harder to get into), indie with the indie guy...

But I also became far more political when I was dating a social rights guy and way into soccer when I was dating a soccer buff. Then there was the guy who mixed music so I loved learning the nuances of that. A guy I was interested in was very outdoorsy, so I got into hiking and biking (though we never dated). Boyfriend-fellow has influenced me in a lot of ways but one of the most obvious is health and fitness. He's very much into sports & working out and so on.

So, what have you gotten into because 
of the people you've liked?

*this is one of my best friends, not a love-interest


  1. like you, music is probably the big one for me. i started listening to korn and limp bizkit (ha and ha!) when i was 14, because of a guy.

    once, when i was a senior in high school, i got really into neon genesis evangelion because my boyfriend at the time really liked it.

  2. I've been with Ian since high school, though I know he has greatly influenced me, its hard to remember examples. One way would be that he is such a go getter that it keeps me from being too complacent in life. But I have noticed I am influenced by friends around me.

  3. Great question. The boyfriend I had before Jordan also influenced my musical tastes... I still like (some) oldies because of him. As for Jordan, like Jessica said, we've been together since high school so we've really grown and influenced each other. I feel like we're becoming more like the same person everyday, in a cute not creepy way.


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