Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tall Tales

As we've just come out of the season of one of the biggest weird-things-we-tell-kids, I have been reflecting on erroneous information my friends and I have received in the past, like when my brother told me my toes tasted like strawberries...

We've all heard the 'your face will freeze like that' or 'gum takes 7 years to digest' fibs. But have you heard these ones?

My best friend from elementary was under the impression that there was a factory cat that peed on top of all the cans of soda (that's why you should really wash every soda can top).

At a fancy wedding, my brother told me that caviar was shaved raspberries. That was a big disappointment.

My elementary best friend also believed that we had bubbles in our skulls and if you hit the right one, you'd die (hence never hit anyone in the head). My favorite is the one her grandma told her about how cars are notorious for having their door handles hook belt loops on pants and dragging people along (that is why you should always walk on the inside of the sidewalk).

My high school best friend wanted to go to Disneyland when she was younger but her parents didn't want to deal with the crowds so they took her on the tram ride around the parking lot and told her that was Disneyland, then they got hamburgers across the street. Funny enough, she had such a good time she asked to go once more (and they duped her again).

What tall tales have you grown up with?


  1. haha...that disneyland story makes me kind of sad!

    i would cross my eyes pretty regularly as a kid, and my mom told me that if someone slapped me on the back while my eyes were crossed they would stay that way forever.

  2. That Disneyland story makes me laugh! When I was little we lived only a couple blocks from Knott's Berry Farm and would watch the fireworks every night. My parents said when we were little that they would say to each other "we are in trouble once they realize there are more than fireworks in there".

    I actually can't think of any tales at the moment. My parents are kind of realists, so we weren't raised believing santa or the easter bunny were real, though they still visited our house.


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