Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I got dressed...

First off, thank you guys, SO MUCH for all your supportive comments on my last post. I've responded to them all so check back for a reply if you left a comment!

I feel like I'm taking off,  but that I have a very short runway (two more months of a paycheck before I'm on my own). I'm scared and excited at the same time.

Today I put a little extra effort into my outfit and snapped a photo to send to Boyfriend-Fellow's mom and grandma since they gave me the boots and dress, respectively. Only after I was out of the house that I remembered today is the day I give a 2 hour lecture. SO glad I didn't wear the hoodie and jeans I was originally planning!

(Apologies for the poor quality... These were taken with PhotoBooth and an iPhone) 

The neckline and back of the dress has really cool open-loop details but these photos don't do it justice

(Photo by Boyfriend-Fellow)

(Photo by Boyfriend-Fellow)

jacket - thrifted (but you can get here)
boots - gift from Boyfriend-Fellow's mom
dress - gift from Boyfriend-Fellow's grandma
cardigan - bunny's in Santa Cruz


  1. You look adorable! I love how your dress/outfit looks so cute with your coat. I usually feel that my coat kills my outfit, but yours is a fun color and a great fit, so it goes along great with it. And I have to admit, I really like the abstractness (or something like that) of your first photo.


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