Thursday, January 24, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 79

This is a short awkward/awesome post but 
check back this week as I've got more posts comin'!

Creepy: Walking to my car in the dark, late at night.
Creepy x 2: Having some guy start walking after me.
Creepy x 3: When I started walking faster/almost running, so did he.
I got to my car and slammed the door and started driving. The road I turned onto was blockaded by police. They asked me to go another route as they were looking for someone....

Awesome: My sisters now have access to emails
Awkward: Apparently, they're following the rules of text-etiquette ("I sent you an email, did you not get it? Why haven't your responded immediately?")
They're so adorable.

Someone was presenting a project that I had begun but they had taken over... 
Him: So, you may remember this project that Rachael presented last quarter but I'm presenting it again as I've taken it over and it's ... [he drifted off]
Me [trying to be obnoxious]: ....WAY better than it was before!
Him: I'm so glad you said it!  I wasn't sure how to phrase it.
....Wow, just... wow.

Awesome: Finding a coveted parking spot outside my friend's house that's notorious for its crowded streets.
Awkward: Having to do an 18-point turn to squeeze in.
Awkward x 2: As I was walking away, I realized my 'spot' was actually someone's driveway entrance.


  1. Glad you are ok. That is really creepy. And the guy who took over your project better be glad he wasn't slapped. Seriously rude.

  2. Oops, I deleted your comment by accident, Charlotte, Stupid thumbs on an iPhone...


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