Thursday, January 3, 2013

Awkward/Awesome vol. 77

Gettin' back on the bandwagon 
with an Awkward/Awesome edition!

Awkward: Holiday weight gain and sugar addiction. UGH!

Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow's grandma got all the girls matching holiday necklaces.
Awkward: I got a necklace-shaped rash within 10 minutes of wearing it every time.

Awesome: Still lovin' the macro Photojojo lens Boyfriend-Fellow got me for my iPhone.
Droplet on a blade of grass

Awesome: Playing hangman with The Littles 
Littlest-Little (being a smart-alec) had me guessing phrases like, 'Isn't it obvious?' 
Biggest-Little had me guessing nonsense pairs of words like 'bird rain' and 'palm truck'. Oh and this is her handwriting on an iPod...
Can you read it?

Awesome: Mowth in his Mowth-sized vacation home.

Awkward: My head is so big I have to lengthen all my headbands with safety pins.

Awesome: On Friday we headed up to our family Christmas weekend.
Awkward: 3 hours into the 7 hour trip, as the car became increasingly lurch-y and sputter-y, we turned around (that's a 6 hr drive in total for Friday).
Awesome: We used the other (smaller) car and left the next morning. 

Awesome: My dad used to work with Teri Hatcher (she was the head cheer coach and he was the head soccer coach for an organization). I just found these old flyers he made 
that's her on the right

close up

Awesome: Trying on glasses with The Littles

Awesome: Pops McGee when he was my age-ish (note: he's still cool)

Awkward: The things I used to give my dad as presents....
Maybe it was a toothpick holder?

Awkward: I did not have my boyfriend to kiss on New Year's, but I did have Mowth.

What's been awkward/awesome with you guys?



  1. my head is enormous too! i am going to use your safety pin tip, because headbands always crush my head.

    1. Thank you, you've made me feel better :)

  2. You're not alone in your big headed-ness. I can wear my dad's bike helmet. He's a foot taller than me.

    Try clear nail polish on the back of the necklace pendant and maybe trade out the chain. My skin freaks out sometimes too!

    1. That's a great suggestions, thanks!

  3. I got so excited when I saw you posted another awkward/awesome post. That in and of itself is a little awkward!

    And when reading through, all the sudden I got the mental image of you down on the ground trying to take a picture of a blade of grass and it made me laugh. It still is an amazing picture though.

    1. I am so glad you enjoy the posts! It's not awkward at all!
      Yup, I totally was squat in the wet grass for that shot.

  4. digging those red glasses on littlest (and the cateyes on you!). is puppamoth named mowth, now? =)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Boyfriend-Fellow doesn't call anyone (or anything) by one name for long, it's always evolving.

  5. The tiny house for Mowth! AHHHHHH

  6. I love the stories of playing Hangman with the littles. I definitely play like Littlest... we'd get along.


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