Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Awkward/Awesome vol. 76

Awkward: Missing last week's awkward/awesome. It was just. too. crazy. Post about that soon.'

Awkward: The automatic flusher going off before I'm done. Always.

Awesome: Going to see my favorite band, The Mountain Goats, with Boyfriend-Fellow.

Pre-show excited

John Darnielle. Be still my beating heart.

Awkward: Having to grade roughly 430 essays in 7 hours on Friday in order to leave for vacation in time.
Awkward: It normally takes me 7 hours to do 250.
Awesome: Actually making the deadline.

Awesome: Going shopping with Boyfriend-Fellow and his grandma.
Awesome x 2: He came out of the dressing room looking reaaaal nice in a black sweater and I told him so.
Awkward: She asked, "You like that sweater? Does it turn you on? I bet it does."
Not sure if she knew the connotations of that but it didn't matter because she then announced it to the salesclerk as we were leaving, "You know, that sweater really turns her on!"

Awesome: I've overcome being a germ-a-phobe, though I'm definitely the type
Awkward: Last week, someone was using my computer and was literally phlegm-ing on it. I have my limits.

Awesome: Puppamoth's a trooper.

What's been Awkward/Awesome with YOU?


  1. awwwe your guys pictures turned out so cute! annnnd I love Puppamoth!

  2. Oh grandma's!!!! That had me laughing so hard. As for me:

    Awesome: Hanging out with a group of mom's and age came up and the consensus was that I was 23.
    Awkward: One of the women there was the exact same age as me...she thought I was early 20's. I thought she was late 30's.

  3. Shopping experience with the grandma? SOOOOO AWKWARD.

  4. Eww the computer incident. But so funny at the sweater comment! haha


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