Thursday, December 6, 2012

Awkward/Awesome vol. 75

It's late in the day but I'm still going for it... Awkward/Awesome Thursday!

Awesome: Remember how that lens broke last time it got shipped to me?
Well, Pops McGee mailed me another lens but this time, he packaged it himself....

Awesome: I spent 10 hours on a craft for the TEDx event we put on last week....
I got 36 books donated from the library, painted them all white (it took 3-4 coats of primer, front and back), then stacked them in 3 with a red ribbon.
Awkward: We just threw it out at the end.  Le sigh.

Awesome: My mom

Awkward: I got grabbed by one of those ladies in the middle-of-the-mall booths, "Daarrrling! You're a model! WHAT do you use on your face? What about your nails?" She grabbed my hand and looked down and nearly gagged when she saw my thumb (part burn from hot coffee, part spray paint from the book craft project). Hahah. Then she went through with her spiel and polished up my thumbnail while trying not to look at it.

Tell me your awkward/awesomes!


  1. That thumb thing is pretty dang funny! And those people kind of deserve it. I am not a fan of how handsy they are. Is handsy even a word?

    As for me:
    Awkward: Walking out of a store and having some crazy girl say "I would have sex with her right now, if she let me"
    Awkward x2: Her continuing to talk loudly about me as I got in my car and drove away.

    It was just plain weird!

    1. Handsy is totally at word. And your awkward interaction is totally awkward.

  2. Don't feel bad about your thumb. When my eczema gets bad, I feel like I scare people away with my hands. My students will oh so kindly shriek, "what's wrong with your fingers?!"

    I don't think the painted books look bad! Why did you throw them out?


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