Friday, November 2, 2012

Variable Drying Times

I am just LOVING the Fall but there's one mystery I forget about every year until it's puddle season...

Why is it that when I go to fix my hair after a shower, it's miraculously dried in the funkiest arrangement possible in the few minutes that have elapsed...

....when the asphalt is just THINKING about making a puddle, the bottom of my jeans somehow becomes moist for the next 24 hours?
That spot there, right there.

Does this happen to anyone else?!


  1. My hair dried all funky this morning, so I feel your pain on the hair thing. I often wonder when I do the same thing with my hair every freaking day of the year, how one day it can look great and another day look like I didn't even try.

  2. Haha yes I can totally relate! And with curly hair, the slightest change in weather can make it react differently. Frustrating!!


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