Thursday, November 29, 2012

Awkward/Awesome vol. 74

Here's Thursday's Awkward/Awesome installment!

Awesome: Getting a new puppy!
Awkward: ....That we can't walk for 6 weeks for risk of him catching a puppy disease (like Parvo)

Awesome: Taking Ozzie shopping for puppy-supplies.
Awkward: Accidentally shoplifting over $100-worth of puppy clothes (they were on the counter so I thought they were ours and I grabbed them... We realized an hour later....)

Awesome: My AWESOME fake tattoo (yes, it's a winking cupcake).
Awesome: It's scented!
Awkward: I was wearing it when Boyfriend-Fellow and I went out to a fancy dinner.
Awesome: Despite (or because of?) that, the server liked us so much he brought us free appetizers and dessert.

Awesome: I forgot to mention that last week, one of the highlights of my whole trip was getting to visit Brutharrr at his awesome work and eat at his favorite lunch place and hang out watching funny videos and going to a speakeasy (love you Brutharrr! Thanks for being such a great host!)

Awkward: Needing 36 books to destroy for a craft project.
Awesome: Actually getting 36 free books donated from the library for said project.

Awesome AND Awkward: When I visit Pops, I don't have to bring PJs cuz I can just wear his sweats.

Awesome: Madre made roasted vegetables and not only were they delicious, they were beautiful!

Let me know what's been fantastic 
and not-so-fantastic in your week!


  1. That whole dog sweater incident is pretty dang funny. And you definitely have made me curious about your book project. You will have to share!

    As for me...
    Awkward: Waking up in the middle of the night to my three-year-old saying, "I peed my pants"
    Awkward x2: Realizing he was laying in my bed when he did it!

  2. Do I spy candy cane beets? So festive. ;)

    Destroying 36 books sounds like a fun craft project!


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