Thursday, November 8, 2012

Awkward/Awesome vol. 71

Hello lovelies! 

First off, thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post. It helped a hard day. He was a wonderful dog, who was very loved and had a long life. We all cherish the time we had with him but we will still miss him of course.

Now, seeing that it's Thursday, it's time for some mortifying and magnificent moments!

The scene: I participated as a mentor in an an all-day event this weekend for young women who have been nominated as community leaders.
Awesome: We had been sitting for much of the day so I was very happy to have a speaker that had us stand up to illustrate a point she was making.
Awkward: After a few minutes, when we sat back down, a small girl came up to me and let me know that my dress was tucked into my underwear. Which was itself bunched into a wedgie. There were at least 40 high-schoolers (who I'm supposed to inspire) behind me to witness this.

I always thought when I grew up, I'd leave classy lipstick smudges on coffee cups.
Awkward:  It looks like a horse with lipgloss had a go at this cup.

Awkward and Awesome: In the class I've been taking, I've had to fill out a lot of surveys. Some of the questions are just...

Awkward: I spent 9 hours over the weekend designing an art piece for a flyer that ended up being not being used due to bureaucratic reasons. Ugh!

Awkward: I ran out of contacts for my left eye so I've been wearing my right-eye prescription in both eyes. It's not way off, just weird.

Awkward: A candle of mine started smelling real funky. So I moved it outside to take to the trash.

Awkward x 2:  It was so hot the sun melted the whole thing and my entire front porch smelled like the funky candle.
Awkward x 3: Then a skunk sprayed my front door.
Awesome: I actually kinda like that smell (when it's not too strong).

Share your awkward/awesomes in the comments below!


  1. Your dress incident!! :/ And your lipstick smudges on your coffee cup are hilarious!

    My awkward:
    This week I forgot how to use my pampered chef can opener. I had to look it up online.... I have never felt so dumb in my life.

  2. I also love the slight smell of a skunk. And your dress incident? I would have died. Right there.

  3. i like skunk smell too!

    at first i read that you 'inspired those high schoolers' with your dress tucked into your tights. :)

  4. Haha! Love your dress incident! Love your stories! Thanks for making me laugh:)

  5. I don't know how you got over the dress incident! I probably would have died on the spot...or ran out and not come back! And that art piece thing, well that just plain sucks.


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