Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My how we've changed...

Found an old photo of my sisters and I the other day and that led to finding more... and more..

When Biggest Little became a big sister!
She looks so startled

 Oh man...

Visiting me at undergrad

Trying for a family portrait
Not happening...

Only this one would oblige...

Saying goodbye at the airport... 

Ice skating...

Another airport goodbye
Someone is not very happy..

A birthday
Look at those faces!


A sister day in San Francisco!

Near Christmas time...

Sister Day in San Francisco (again)

Summertime fun

Visiting me at grad school

A day in the park

Being silly at church

Hope you enjoyed my little jaunt down memory lane. :)


  1. i'm going to be straight up with you, i never wanted a sister growing up. i was so glad i only had brothers. but now that i'm married and have kids, i wish i had a sister.

    also...your red hair....epic.

    and your f21 giftcard only made it to my house this afternoon (what!?) so it'll be shipped out tomorrow!

  2. These pictures are so precious! It's fun to watch both you and your sisters evolve and change. I can only image how close your bond will be with the two of them the older they get. You always make me a little jealous wishing I too had a little sister or two.

  3. awwwwww, it's cute to see the THREE of you grow up! you make me want to find all the pictures I can of my two sisters and I...

  4. These shots are so great, it's clear you three have had a special sister bond since the beginning. How incredible it must be for them to have someone like you to look up to!

  5. So cute!! I love the first one!! You and your sisters have a very special bond.


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