Monday, October 29, 2012

Magic Glos

Recently, I was wearing this necklace at a coffee shop...

...And the barista told me she's been looking FOREVER for a cat silhouette one.

So I made her this...

And for a size reference, here's my thumb....

I used an empty circle pendant and this resin, which I just LOVE. 
It can make even a sketch glued to a circle look professional!
(Except for that bubble. Oh well)


  1. You need to open your own etsy shop!

  2. When are you opening a shop? I want to order some! You are incredible. Love this.

  3. You made that for her?! How sweet! I bet she was so stoked! I love ho it turned out. Yes, Etsy shop maybe in your future :)

  4. Not only do you rock for making this for your barista, but you are seriously so talented!


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