Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Minute Costumes

Happy Halloween!
If you're like Boyfriend-Fellow and I, despite the highest aspirations for this year, you've found yourself scrambling for a costume.

You could go the Rachael-route and re-wear last year's costume (wah wahhh)

Or you could be like Boyfriend-Fellow and put together one of these easy-peasy, witty, last minute costumes.

(NOTE: I can't take credit for any of these ideas... I've seen them all floating around)

Idea #1: Strap a piece of bread to your front and your back and go as a 150 pounder (instead of a quarter pounder).

Idea #2: Write 'ceiling' on a sweatshirt, carry around some pom-poms and go as a ceiling fan.

Idea #3: Lounge around in a green sleeping bag as Jabba the Hutt

Idea #4: Tape tiny cereal boxes to you with red paint dripping off ... Cereal Killer!

Idea #5: Paint a shoebox black and strap it to your back. You're a refrigerator magnet of yourself!

Idea #6: Or, you could do what Boyfriend-Fellow did and attach snacks to yourself to transform into a vending machine.
Yes, people at the party bought stuff of of him.

What are you going to dress up as? 
Heard of any other clever ideas?


  1. Ok, these are funny ideas! I think I like the refrigerator magnet the best!

  2. I also love the fridge magnet, and sometime, when I'm really lazy, I'm going to be Jabba!


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