Friday, October 26, 2012

Know Thyself - Part 4

The other functions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment are the decision-making functions (thinking/feeling).


Thinkers are those who make decisions based on a logical, cause-and-effect, consistent approach. They can suppress feelings and approach a situation from a more detached, neutral standpoint.


Feelers, on the other hand, can suppress thinking that conflicts with emotion, and tend to empathize with the circumstances, try to look at it from other people's view and care very much about what other people think.


I identify more with being a feeler but I certainly value my thinker side as well. While learning about those two decision-making functions, it occurred to me that polar opposites would have very different opinions about what's fair. Say we're looking at it from the perspective of a teacher, who very clearly laid out a policy about not accepting late assignments, who is now being approached by a student with a good excuse...
A thinker may be saying, "Of course I can't make an exception, it wouldn't be fair to the other students, the department, etc"..
While a feeler may be saying, "Of course I have to make an exception, it's only fair to this person who has such extenuating circumstances."

I've seldom found it helpful when someone says to try to imagine things from another person's point of view and I think that's because the instruction is so vague. Now that I can imagine the situation specifically from a thinker's point of view or from an introvert's point of view, its way easier to conceptualize and empathize.

What are you... A thinker or a feeler?
Do you wish you were the other way or are 
you happy with what you are?


  1. I always love your drawings. You are so talented.

    I am definitely a thinker. And for me, I have been accused many a times in my life of only seeing the black and white in life and not grey and that is totally me and how I live my life.

  2. On the Myers Briggs test, I'm almost positive that I come out as a feeler, but I identify more with a thinker's point of view. Though I also think it's very situation dependent. At work, I'm a thinker through and through, but I probably act more 'feely' in other types of situations.


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