Monday, October 22, 2012

Know Thyself - Part 3

In part 3 of the Know Thyself series, I wanted to talk about another aspect of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment... Namely, the perceiving function (sensing/intuition).

Just like introversion and extraversion it's a scale thing because of course, we all use both sensing and intuition to gather information depending on the situation but we tend to lean more on one that the other. I happen to fall on the intuition side (a 14 out of 30 to be exact, see below).


Sensors (roughly 75% of the population) are people who prefer to assess what's right in front of them. They take in the facts and tend to ignore out-of-the-blue notions, preferring information they can trust. Sensors prefer precise, concrete directions for a task and tend to be more routine based.


Intuitors are more abstract, trusting gut instincts and thinking theory-based thoughts. They don't analyze all the details and are more often focused on future possibilities.


While the definition of an intuitor somewhat describes me, I can see why I'm not a full 30. I definitely prefer concrete directions when I'm given a task, because I'm afraid of doing it 'wrong'. Maybe if I didn't think there was a wrong way to do it (i.e. if whoever was in charge was also an intuitor), I'd feel better being more free. But that said, I do spend more of my time thinking abstractly about the future.

Are you more of a sensor or an intuiter?
Are you a here-and-now or a gut-instincts person?


  1. I love all these posts! I wish I remember what I did with my test results so I could go back and look at them. Oh well. I have a feeling I would lean more toward the sensors side and the hubby would be more on the intuitors side.

  2. Gut instincts...never regretted a decision I've made by trusting my instincts.


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