Friday, October 19, 2012

Know Thyself - Part 1

On a recent Awkward/Awesome post, someone remarked that it looked like I was having only awesomes that week, which really reminded me how different my life looks on blogland vs. real life. Sure, I had a lot of good moments that week but it was also a particularly rough one.

Some people like their blog to be a diary.  I'm going for more of a scrapbook feel. A diary should document both the ups and downs but who pulls out a scrapbook with tear stained tissues taped to the pages and notes you never sent to unrequited loves pressed between the pages? That's not what scrapbooks are usually for.

Don't think I'm criticizing how other people run their blogs. I very much enjoy both types. Personally, I don't like to put the negative up here because for ME, this isn't the best outlet for it. But just because I don't doesn't mean I don't have my share of down-in-the-pits moments.

This summer was particularly demoralizing. I already had some lurking inner-issues I had been in denial about for far too long, as well as just plain ol' hard situations. On top of that I spent over three months working on a project that, for some reason, didn't resonate with me. Not getting satisfaction from my work when I really wanted work to be an escape was the straw that broke the camel's back.

However, the overall experience was really valuable for me because...
1) I learned how to work hard at something I don't enjoy
2) I had to find other outlets for my needs that my graduate school career was no longer fulfilling (I went into turbo crafting mode, spent more time with people and generally had more adventures).
3) And, most important, without really hitting bottom, I would never started dealing with some of the nasty demons I have been carrying around for far too long.

While things are much better now, I still have a lot of growth to go. In a myriad of areas.
One of which is graduate school. I decided to be proactive about it so I'm currently taking a class geared towards helping people figure out how to best utilize grad school for their ultimate career goals.

I've been learning a lot and it's been quite interesting so I wanted to do a little mini-blog series and start some discussions.

Thanks for reading my dissertation.

What about you?
Is your blog more your diary or your scrapbook 
or something else?


  1. i think my blog is my outlet. it contains scrapbooks from my life. but i also use it to entertain myself, and i definitely vent when my children are driving me insane.

  2. It's my creative outlet. Sad, because I'm not really all that creative. Awesome, because I tend to be really hilarious and witty. It's not a place for dirty laundry though.

  3. My blog is definitely more scrapbook than diary. Much of the reason for this is that so many close family members read it and there is just way too much they don't know about me. Though it seems like I am open when I talk to people, I rarely ever share with anyone real struggles in my life.

    I found it interesting that you go on more adventures when you are going thru things because I do the exact same thing. I find it helps my mood to get out - be it out of the house or out of town for a few hours. That's why when the hubby is in the middle of his stressful busy season, on his one day off, we always go out on adventures. It helps us escape, even if only for a few hours.

  4. At first it was more like a diary, but now it is more like a scrapbook. For me, some things need to say private or very vague. And like you, I enjoy all kinds of blogs. I enjoy the ones that dig deep and I also enjoy the scrapbooky ones. :-)

  5. I like the diary vs. scrapbook idea. I've never categorized blogs in that way, but it makes sense. I mean, I've always categorized MY blog as a journal/diary, but never included other blogs in that definition. But yes, my blog is more of a diary. I love to write, but find I write more often if there is the possibility that someone might read it (like sending a letter), so blogging has been helpful in that regard!

    I can't wait to read this miniseries and find out more about you.


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