Tuesday, October 9, 2012


... is my favorite color*
*incidentally also the lyrics to a song (Mr. Jones by Counting Crows)

And here are some pictures of mine that illustrate what I love about it.

I realize not all the photos are fully grey but it's
the grey aspect each photo that I love the most.

The best grey is at 5am, which is my favorite time because it's grey. I feel like my head is clearer, my creativity is at it's peak and I'm deeply content.

Grey is associated both with nostalgia and hope for me.

Grey days are not too hot (I love the heat but it saps my energy and creativity).

Grey can express so much and yet is so simple.

What's your favorite color and why?


  1. Beautiful photos, Rachael.

    I love green for similar reasons. I think my favorite environment tends to be those delicious spring rains that drench everything and make the greens really pop :)

  2. Grey is my favorite color too! Can we be best friends? ;)

    These pictures are gorgeous, and encapsulate all the different shades of grey (haha pun intended) nature can bring. Grey is mysterious, yet comforting. It's more evocative than any color.


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